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Get fit for a lifetime

Live long enough and you’ll go through a myriad of changes. During your teens and early adult years, you may feel as if you have more energy than a battery that never runs down. A full day of school, followed by several hours of practicing your favorite sport, might not be enough to force you into bed before midnight. These are the days when you don’t think you have to get fit; staying physically active is as natural to you as breathing.

If only this would continue after you become an adult, move out of your parents’ house and start a family of your own. However, it’s understandable that the task to get fit would become a bit of a challenge over the years. After all, working a full-time job can cause you to deal with high stressors, things like demanding supervisors, tight deadlines and complicated projects.

Pressure to pay bills and taxes only adds to the stress. Before you know it, you’re reaching for a soda or fatty food to deal with the hard emotions that you’re feeling. Yet, as you age, it’s more important than ever to get fit and stay in good physical and mental condition. You could make it easier to get fit by taking a fitness challenge with a group of friends.

This is what the King 5 Morning Newscrew did. In addition to telling one another about their personal physical fitness goals, people who participated in the challenge, kept in touch with each other at a designated Facebook page. The news station also featured exercise routines that were presented by different personal trainers. It’s a great way to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Other ways you can get fit for a lifetime include monitoring the foods that you eat and the beverages you drink. Rather than reaching for soda the next time you’re thirsty, you could drink a tall glass of cold water. Instead of eating a cheeseburger, you could eat Panini sandwich that’s topped with fresh vegetables. To get fit for a lifetime, you can also:

  • Incorporate two to three different exercise routines into your exercise program. Joe Moeller, a former major league baseball player, does just this. Instead of limiting his exercise to walking, he also rides a stationary bicycle and works out at the gym, according to the Orange County Register.
  • Exercise in the mornings before you head outdoors to work.
  • Enjoy a walk during your lunch break at work or school.
  • Jog around your neighborhood with your pet dog if you live in a safe area.
  • Get outdoors and play a few games with your children or grandchildren. Not only will this choice help you to get fit, it could also strengthen the bond that you share with your children or grandchildren. Who knows? Your children or grandchildren might start to think of you as an open minded, adventurous and fun adult to spend time with.
  • Work with an experienced personal trainer to develop a fitness program that you can stick with for months, perhaps years. list personal trainers you could start working with.
  • Find an exercise partner to go hiking, bike riding or swimming with.

By keeping a journal that tracks your exercise routines, you could start to see which exercise combinations help you to lose weight faster. You might also notice which exercise routines help you to relax and sleep more deeply. As you stay committed to getting fit, also take steps to continue to improve your diet. Your body and your mind will thank you.