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Finding the Best Cheap or Luxury Hotels in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is one of the most popular municipalities in Canada, and was originally called Ville-Marie, or “City of Mary’. The city was then renamed after Mount Royal, which is the hill in the heart of the city. This city rests on the Island of Montreal. Montreal is famous for a variety of things, from its culture to its trade to its strong industrial presence. Because of the strong cultural presence of Montreal, the numbers of tourists have increased annually, with more and more people coming to Montreal to get a taste of the culture of the city. With a host of events and activities in almost every artistic field – including visual arts, theatre, music, and dance – Montreal has quickly captured the global imagination as being a thriving and lively city.

Most people tend to visit the city for the old-world charm that the city has to offer; and one of the most famous sites has to be Mount Royal, after which the city was named. Another popular tourist destination is Old Montreal, which include buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. This district has many historic sites, streets, and landmarks. Apart from these two main tourist destinations, there are a host of museums, concerts, and tours that have the potential to attract anyone – even the most indecisive tourist – to the beautiful city of Montreal.

Most hotels in Montreal will tend to offer basic amenities, like free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast. However, certain hotels that stand out tend to do so because of the extra benefits they offer to their customers and their guests. For example, certain hotels tend to stand out because of the translation services they offer to guests that may not understand or speak French, for example. Certain other hotels may offer tickets for concerts and other events at discounted prices, or will provide transport to you at no extra charge, to certain popular locations.

If you are looking for a hotel while on a budget, yet you do wish to enjoy yourself while on holiday in Montreal, look no further than L’Hotel Champ-de-Mars. This hotel is located in the centre of Old Montreal, making it uniquely accessible to almost all the main attractions, and is only a short walk away from numerous restaurants and bars, allowing you to get a taste of the Montreal nightlife as well. The hotel has managed to retain its presence of historic grace despite going through renovations and changes, and will continue to maintain its solid presence for years to come. With excellent service being offered at all times of the day, and by offering their rooms at competitive market rates, you can be assured of quality service and professionalism while you’re on a budget. Apart from the obvious benefits, you can guarantee friendly faces as well, who will be willing to help you with any translation problems you may have during your stay in Montreal – and will assure that your stay in the city will be a pleasant and memorable one.