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Find Synergy in Medicine

Medicine is international. Different countries are constantly discovering new secrets about healing techniques and the human body. “Secrets” really isn’t the right word, but the connotation would confuse a new initiate; because revolutionary breakthroughs that should have been shared decades ago sometimes don’t see the light of day until they’re almost obsolete.


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The worldwide web offers a way in which such discoveries and practices may be shared instantaneously. Imagine that strange case where a patient has a condition you’ve heard a colleague mention in passing. You try to find that gentleman and pick his brains, but he’s too busy for the kind of conversation you need to have. Well now, the proper synergistic approach that used to be only a medical pipe-dream is easily realized. New sites have begun cropping up which make such medical networking possible. Continual collaboration can be had, such that questions whose only answer must come from peers in the field may be acquired.

Throughout medical school, future practitioners are amidst a smorgasbord of such continual collaboration and discovery; it’s private residency that makes these instances less common. And it’s for this reason that a number of developers got together and put up a site called It’s the prerogative of MDsandbox, and sites like it, to allow medical professionals the ability for cogent discussion of cases which may prove difficult or interesting for one reason or another.

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Things like differential diagnoses and options for the management of patients in a real time setting can’t be explored in any other technological setting–at least, not with the ubiquity of available practitioners. Life and death is literally on the line in a variety of medical cases, so it only makes sense to use whatever means of betterment are available. Services on the internet like this, which provide synergistic capability worldwide, are therefore indispensable.

However beyond life and death, synergistic online communication allows physicians in regular practice to develop relationships with other medical professionals and maintain them. Improvements of communications throughout residency programs serve to streamline everything. Qualitative care can’t be had without cogent communication.

Such synergistic communication also opens things up for networking opportunities which could lead to employment opportunities. Sometimes a talented individual is wasted in a clinic. Sometimes that individual remains there despite this, as he or she has nowhere else to go. However with synergistic communication options in real time over the internet, suddenly an entire world of employment possibilities opens up when one simply gets in touch with the right people.

Finally, with internet communications platforms of this nature, there is a sort of continuing dynamic. In a scenario where designers want to hear from practitioners, suddenly entire worlds of possibility open up.

Medical care relies primarily on information. The best medical care naturally has the best information available. There are truths about the human body which are just being discovered, and discoveries which are really just re-discoveries; as it turns out the knowledge was retained in the ancient past. Cultures and differing practices the world over have wisdom that, if pooled, could entirely revitalize the medical community. It takes more than just the pooling of knowledge, however. It requires implementation on a professional level. Sometimes certain things work that seem counter-intuitive, until the treatment is used regularly enough to gather statistics and explain it. Sometimes a regular treatment is actually toxic for reasons practitioners that swear by it couldn’t realize until they play out. Certain substances can cumulatively build on themselves in the body and problems relating to as much aren’t known for decades. Its things like these that make synergistic medicine sensible.