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Few Things To Do in Brussels: The Capital City of Belgium


Have you ever heard of a perfect vacation? Almost each of our friends seems to complain about the places they chose to spend their holidays in – “Food was not good”, “Nothing great about the place”, etc. So, how about a place with beautiful architecture, with equally great food, soothing sights, amazing chocolates, and beer? And, yes, it is a real place! The place I am talking about is Brussels – the capital city of Belgium.

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We all have our bad days and we, surely, want a break from our mundane routine. But, when the place is Brussels – you don’t have to find a reason. Visit this place to revive your tired soul by dipping it in a perfect blend of chocolates and beer. Let’s begin with a brief history of the place.

History of Brussels

Brussels was officially founded in 979 by Charles, Duke of Low Lotharingia. Brussels was captured by Germany in both the World Wars and yet, its beauty is amazing. The 20th century is also regarded as the development period for Brussels considering development of first metro line in the 1960s and leading to its expansion. It is also believed to be capital of European Union, though it has never been declared as one.

Though Brussels is full of surprises, here is a list of things you should do here.

Few Things to do in Brussels

  1. For the love of Chocolates, Waffles, and Beer

The citizens of Brussels, rather Belgium, are proud of their chocolates and beers. The chocolate industry of Belgium started in 17th century and is more than 400 years old. Brussels, being the capital city, is a hub for amazing chocolates. In fact, Brussels Airport is the largest seller of chocolates, selling over 400 tonnes of chocolate per year. Carry a Tip Along – Use Brussels airport taxi transfers to avoid any bad traveling experiences that could ruin your vacation. Belgians take their beer very seriously. According to this article, the authorities stepped in to preserve some historic beer cafes of Belgium. Sounds like a perfect vacation, doesn’t it? Wait, there is more!

  1. Grand Place of Brussels is really grand.

This is a must-visit place of Brussels. Grand Place is one of the ancient buildings in the whole of Brussels and has been voted as the most beautiful place in all of Europe, many times. Grand Place is many centuries old and was rebuild after being destroyed by the French Army in 1695. Recently, an event called Flower Carpet was held at Grand Place in Brussels that attracted attention from all over the globe.

  1. The beauty of Museums

Brussels has many museums. For a person who is interested in architecture and art, Brussels is no less than heaven. Be it the Musical Instrument Museum, or Museum of Costume and Lace, museums of Brussels has a little something for every art and architecture lover.

  1. Atomium – A Special One

Atomium was constructed in 1958 as a landmark to World’s Fair in Brussels. It is now a museum and a true beauty at that. Its structure is a depiction of body-centered cubic unit cell of iron; hence its name.

What more do you need from a place? The famous Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier Boutique is in Brussels. Besides these, Brussels has Peeing Boy, Parks, Opera House, and many more. It has also a subtle, but, amazing cuisine. While at airport, use Brussels Airport Taxi Transfers to make full use of your vacation time!


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