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Feedly’s cloud goes up; nine new apps announced

Feedly’s cloud goes up

Feedly has updated its services with more features in the run up to Google Reader’s demise on July 1. The service has made its cloud live for all users, which adds infrastructure not just for Feedly, but also for other reading applications.

What’s more, Feedly cloud will now come with a completely standalone Web version of Feedly that will work with all major browsers. Support has been added for Internet Explorer as well as Opera. Feedly says that this feature was one of the most requested and has been added to it. The service says that the cloud aims to provide “fast and scalable infrastructure” in order to be a good replacement for Google Reader.

Feedly's cloud apps

Feedly’s cloud apps

The refreshed site has a brand new interface that won’t need any plug-ins or browser extensions, making it simpler and hassle free. The cloud itself is now free of Google, as the company announced in an app update earlier this month. Feedly was dependant on Google’s servers earlier and is now processing more than 25 million feeds each day.

Feedly also announced that there are nine new cloud-based apps hitting markets today and will serve as news-readers for most major mobile platforms. If, then, this, that (IFTTT), one of the most important of these apps, will let you connect your Feedly account to a whopping 63 other services including Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, Pocket, Twitter, Instagram and more. There is also Sprout Social for browser, iOS and Android; Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone; and gNews Reader for BlackBerry 10, Symbian and MeGo amongst a ton of other services.

With Google Reader’s demise coming closer, top contenders like Digg and Feedly are working hard to make it to the finish line and come out tops. With Digg Reader all set to go live on June 26 for all users, Feedly is looking at ensuring it has a far bigger display case of features.


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