Wide Info https://wideinfo.org Daily Regular Updates Tue, 27 Jun 2017 21:04:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8 Enjoy Tech While Staying on Top of your Cyber security https://wideinfo.org/enjoy-tech-while-staying-on-top-of-your-cyber-security/ https://wideinfo.org/enjoy-tech-while-staying-on-top-of-your-cyber-security/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 21:04:54 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4316 cyber-security-1914950_1280.jpg The statistics of cybercrime today are so alarming that business community has no other option but to spend huge amounts of money on cyber security solutions. This is a wise move given that the losses caused by cyber criminals can have very devastating consequences. Everyone uses technology nowadays, not only business people, and this means that every individual should also take charge of their own cyber security because cyber threats can happen to anyone.

Businesses may be worried about the fate of their data, but you should also be worried about someone else getting access to your password, accounts or any other personal information. Have you ever been hacked or had your identity stolen? Whether your answer is yes or no, it is not a pleasant experience because of the accompanying negative effects on you and those you are connected to. So, as you continue to enjoy the benefits of tech, how do you ensure that you take charge of your online security?

Use strong passwords

Brute force cyber attacks are only second to malware when it comes to cyber attacks. This is a case whereby cyber criminals use trial and error to decode encrypted data like passwords using the exhaustive method without any intellectual strategy. This is a common method that is used in cracking your passwords, and you should be very careful to make it very strong and not share it with anyone.

• Be up-to-date

Using outdated software will only make you vulnerable to cyber attacks. This also includes not updating your security applications or using default settings, passwords or accounts. Do not use one password across all your accounts and update your passwords often or use the two-factor authentication to make it stronger.

• Don’t click, open or respond to anything you don’t know

The most common entry of malware is clicking, opening or responding to files or emails that are loaded with rogue software. These actions are the ones that actually install the malware into your computer leading to access to sensitive information, denial of access, demand for ransom, and eventually data loss.

• Be careful with websites and downloads

SSL/TLS- based attacks usually happen when you visit a website that is already compromised because they contain malware. This could be a genuine website that is under attack or a malicious website that is specifically designed to spread malware. Genuine websites always notify their users of such an attack, but for malicious websites, you will need to look out for certain signs of malice. These include a poor website design, lack of encryption, free offers that are too good to be true and unrelated branding.

• Do not share too much identifiable information on social media

It is great that tech is allowing you to share, comment and interact with the online community. However, you should know that cyber criminals are taking advantage of this opportunity to search for any information that can lead them to your inner quarters.

A word of advice from one of the best cyber security companies MI state can offer – as a security measure, do not share your credit card information, phone number or social security number among other personal information that may increase your vulnerability to cyber criminals.

computer-1500929_1280.jpg Enjoying the services that are provided by tech is what we all want, and this is something that can be cut short abruptly by a cyber attack. You could be enjoying your holiday in your favorite destination, but this could later turn into a nightmare if you do not use a strong and updated Wi-Fi security. You need to take charge of your basic cyber security needs at least, because even cyber security companies cannot help you if you keep sharing your passwords with anyone.

Tabitha Gits is an influencer marketing pro with brownboxbranding.com who is passionate about building authentic relationships and helping businesses connect with their ideal online audience. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving digital marketing world by writing on the latest marketing advancements and focuses on developing customized blogger outreach plans based on industry and competition.

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Four Things You Should Always Be Paying Attention To https://wideinfo.org/four-things-you-should-always-be-paying-attention-to/ https://wideinfo.org/four-things-you-should-always-be-paying-attention-to/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 12:18:38 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4312 It can be easy to get distracted, especially with all of the gadgets you’re carrying around with you each day. When you’re driving there are hundreds of distractions, even when the kids aren’t in the car with you. Smartphones seem to have turned into one of the populations biggest distractions, and often distracts you from important things like your family, not just your eyes on the road.

If you want to get more focused one of the first things you need to do is spend less time glued to your screens, whether it’s the computer or your phone. Here are a few things you should always be paying attention to, for safety and to just enjoy life more.

Where You Are Walking

If you don’t watch where you’re walking you can miss so many things. There are tons of reasons to be aware and look around while you’re walking, whether you’re in a hurry or not. Look at the flowers, say hello to the people you pass by, and just enjoy the scenery.

You should also be paying attention because when you aren’t you could trip or slip and fall. If you’re busy messing around on your phone you could walk into traffic or another person, or even fall off a cliff (that last one depends on where you live, but it is possible).

The Road When You’re Driving

It’s just as important, maybe even more so, to pay attention when you’re driving. Distracted driving kills. It might not kill you, but it could kill other people (other drivers, pedestrians, people riding their bikes). Keep your eyes on the road, keep your hands on the wheel, and keep your mind on driving.

There are many factors that fall under distracted driving. Whether you’re looking for a CD or flipping radio stations, you’re distracted and vehicle accidents can happen in an instant.

What You’re Typing Online

Pay attention to what you’re writing online, whether you’re doing it for work or pleasure. Posting status messages on Facebook that are continually full of grammatical errors can make you look bad (and may be annoying your more scholarly friends). You also want to pay attention to who your friends are and what you’re saying (like posting things with nasty words or graphics when you have young teens on your friend’s list).

Your Kids

Children can disappear in the blink of an eye, so always be paying attention to your when you’re out in public. There are many risks, from them dashing into the road to them being kidnapped. If you’re near water they could drown. The nightmares are endless, so just keep your eye on them at all time. You are their parent, after all, that’s part of your job.

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Training Matters in Career Building https://wideinfo.org/training-matters-in-career-building/ https://wideinfo.org/training-matters-in-career-building/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:51:47 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4305 There’s a difference between a job and a career. A job is a gig – something that can be given or taken away, something you’re doing for now and may not do forever. A career is a long-term commitment, a vision and a goal as much as a day-to-day reality. A career means you have direction and passion – and that you’ll have more opportunities and better jobs thanks to your sense of purpose and commitment.

But what makes the difference between a job and a career? How can you turn a job into a career? It’s not enough to just show up day after day – if you lose your job, how can you be sure of getting another one in the same line of work, continuing on the track you’ll need to stick to in order to make a career of this?

The difference comes down to qualifications. In this day and age, experience alone isn’t enough – in fact, you may never be able to get experience in the type of work you care about if you don’t first begin with some training. That’s why training matters for those who want a career, not just a job.

You don’t have to go to a university

Studying at a research university is all well and good if your goal is go into academics, law, medicine, or other fields that require higher degrees. But if you’re looking to go into auto mechanics or plumbing, going to college isn’t necessarily the best use of your money or time. There’s nothing dishonorable about scholarly pursuits, but when it comes to your career, college should be a financial decision. Is it worth the money, considering what it is that you want to do?

There are important alternatives to consider. If you want to go into a career as an auto technician, for instance, you may want to look at technical colleges, career institutes, and apprenticeships. There is more than one way to become more qualified in this or any other line of work – the important thing to understand is that it is worth becoming qualified, and that you don’t have to take out huge college loans in order to do so.

Then there are certifications. These don’t necessarily mean classes – instead, they mean tests. Prepare with a course or on your own, and earn the certifications that will look best on your resume.

What these options have in common is that nobody can take them away from you. You’ll get to put them on your resume every time you look for a job, and your degree and your certifications will assure potential employers that you have what it takes to succeed. They’ll demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field – as well as your ability to follow through and achieve big things in life.

Every job needs great training

There are stereotypes around certain types of work that suggest that you can’t learn much about them, or don’t need to. Don’t fall into this trap – while some industries make use of unskilled labor, there are very few careers that will let you rise far without proper training. It doesn’t take much to sweep floors, for instance, but there’s much more than that to janitorial services, and if you want to run the company instead of sweep the floors, you’ll need to understand the whole of how the business and the industry operate.

That’s the key to turning your job into a career: the commitment to proper training, and the certifications to prove it. Turn to an organization or institution that specializes in training people in your industry. Take certification tests that will award you important honors and qualifications. Speak to people you trust in your industry and ask them which courses and certifications would do the most for you, and then target those courses and certifications. Whatever you do, keep pushing for more and more training. It’s the only way to be the best and make the most of your career.

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How To Choose The Right Plumber https://wideinfo.org/how-to-choose-the-right-plumber/ https://wideinfo.org/how-to-choose-the-right-plumber/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:45:35 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4304 Selecting a plumber is never a fun process, mostly because you’re worried about whatever problem is causing you to make the decision in the first place. If you have a toilet overflowing or pipes leaking, or some similar issue going on, you’re probably not going to be in particularly pleasant frame of mind. This is all the more reason to go about the process in a careful manner, however, and take the proper steps to choose the right plumber.

But how do you do it without simply picking the most convenient option and hoping it works out?

The first thing you should do is go online and put together a list of four or five plumbing services within a reasonable distance of your home. These are the plumbers that are most likely to be able to service your home in an efficient manner, so they should always be at the top of your list. And you’ll want that selection of four or five so that you can actually be discerning about quality and offerings, rather than just settling for the service that’s closest to you by location.

Once you have your list of nearby services, you’ll want to do the most logical thing: check to see if they have any reviews online. As one site offering review services for businesses put it, the first factor potential customers use to judge a business is star rating. In this case, you should follow the example set by previous customers, and take a good hard look at each company’s star rating, if one is available. You should also check to see how many reviews make up each rating, and if there are any written reviews that sound genuine. It can be a little bit imprecise relying on the opinions and ratings of other people, but then again they’re there for a reason. Think about it: would you go online to review a plumbing service if you didn’t have an honest opinion to offer?

While you’re soliciting the opinions of strangers, you might also want to check in with neighbors or friends you may have in the area to see if anyone has a valuable opinion. You don’t need to conduct a full survey of everyone you know in the neighborhood, but if you can find a friend who used one of the services you’re considering, you can get an honest opinion from someone you trust. It’s never a bad idea to try to get this kind of information, particularly with regard to a home service like plumbing assistance.

Once you’ve narrowed down on perhaps one or two different companies, you’ll want to take a closer look at what kinds of services they offer. For instance, some plumbers might stick to relatively straightforward offerings, whereas others might extend their services to cover sewer and septic cleaning, and things of that nature. If you believe you have a more involved problem with your home plumbing or pipes, you’ll need to make sure that the company you’re looking at can handle anything that might be going on.

This is not the most important decision you’ll make in your life. But it can make the difference between a headache and an easy, effective experience. Due diligence is always a good idea, and when you’re dealing with something as impactful as home plumbing, taking these steps can truly pay off.

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Redefine Your Bonding of Love with Exceptional Gifts for UAE https://wideinfo.org/redefine-your-bonding-of-love-with-exceptional-gifts-for-uae/ https://wideinfo.org/redefine-your-bonding-of-love-with-exceptional-gifts-for-uae/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:28:12 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4295 Relationships are like plants and you need to nurture them from time to time to ensure their longevity. Just like soil nutrients, water and sunlight are important for plants, similarly, gifts are known to rejuvenate any existing relationship to a completely new manner. If your loved ones are living far away from you, it is important to send gifts at a regular interval of time for ensuring the warmth into your long distance relationships.

Here are the few gifts suggestions that can help in building a positive relationship with your loved ones in UAE.


Send a gift hamper of exotic dates- If there is one thing that is loved by the people in UAE, it is none other than their love for dates. You can explore an amazing collection of mouth-watering dates that are paired with exotic chocolates and other types of snacks that together forms a lip-smacking combination for any foodie. You can easily offer these amazing gift packs to your special ones by ordering gifts online to UAE and other such countries.


Offer a gift that can showcase old memories- Although you may have spent a long time with your loved ones in UAE but now you both are living far away from each other. In order to relive your old memories, you can send a collage of pictures, a video CD with a slide show of old pictures and music, an old photo frame and a lot of other things. People can send gifts to UAE for their loved ones for strengthening the warmth into your relationships.

Offer them a designer scented candles- Candles are not just good to remove darkness but they are equally effective in improving the internal aura and environment around. You can place these scented designer candles in your living room, guest room and other places in your home for building an ambient environment. They are a wonderful gift item for your loved ones who are living abroad in UAE.


Send a beautiful dress for them- If you want to express your love and affection to your special ones in UAE, you can choose a beautiful dress for them. There are women dresses like Abaya that consists of a head scarf known as the hijab whereas the men’s dresses consist of dish-dasha or gandoora, tawb, thwab along with the head scarf known as keffiyeh. You can send gifts to UAE for celebrating any special occasion along with these beautiful dresses that will be an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Gift them a perfume- People are fascinated by amazing perfumes that have a soothing effect on their mind. You need to buy perfumes for your loved ones at your nearest mall, market or any online gifting store. If you want to send these perfumes to any other country, take the help of international delivery services that can send gifts online to UAE and other such countries.

So, give a new lease of life to your relationship with these gift items that can effortlessly capture the attention of your loved ones in UAE.


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Why Law Firms Should Have a Private Investigator on Retainer  https://wideinfo.org/why-law-firms-should-have-a-private-investigator-on-retainer/ https://wideinfo.org/why-law-firms-should-have-a-private-investigator-on-retainer/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:25:29 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4291 The results of any court case hinges on facts and evidence. An attorney with the most facts has more tools to leverage their case. Therefore, a sufficient amount of evidence is crucial in preparing for any case. And while an attorney or legal assistant can gather a lot of information, it’s often better to leave that to professional investigators. Cases have been won due to the successful efforts of qualified private investigators.

Of course, not all cases will require the use of private investigators and firms will have to decide whether they will require the services of a PI on certain cases. Local DUI charges, amicable divorces, and other clear cut cases may not require a PI. However, retaining a PI for more complex cases may be the best investment that the firm makes. A lawyer handling a multinational fraud case may find that having a fraud investigator can be a great asset to the team.

The following reasons are why law firms should have a private investigator on retainer:

Saving on Time and Costs

Simply put, attorneys always have a lot of work to go around and conducting investigations on their own will add to their considerable load. The investigation will take up time that could have been spent on other case work.

Additionally, while researching public and criminal records, finding and interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and other investigative work could be done by an attorney or legal assistant, these types of work take up a lot of work hours. Few clients are willing to pay for these work hours at an attorney’s going rate. Most clients would either demand that the work be outsourced or they may even go to a different firm.

By outsourcing the work to qualified PIs, law firms can ensure that their attorneys have more time to devote to handling cases and that their clients’ costs are kept low.

Outsourcing of Experience and Expertise

Just like attorneys, private investigators have different fields of expertise. Whether the case is fraud, infidelity, or other complex cases, there is a private investigator that specializes in it.

They can analyze a case and find missed details, vet qualified experts in the field or industry, or even advise on obscure cases. They often know people in the industry or field that can be of great help to the attorney. They also know how to properly file their reports in the required format for the specific case. Attorneys can tap these qualified PIs for their knowledge and advice, ensuring that they have the necessary information from various experts. This can also allow the attorney to have the flexibility to take on cases that they lack experience in.

Outsourcing of Crucial Skills

No matter how experienced an attorney is, their main expertise is in law. A private investigator can bring in skills that are indispensable to certain legal teams. Some of these include:

  • They are able to find missing persons and hidden assets.
  • They can reconstruct a crime or accident.
  • They can review existing evidence.
  • They can gather new evidence and know the proper procedure to ensure that they are not tainted and made inadmissible in court.
  • They are trained in interviewing witnesses that would be resistant to questioning.
  • Some of them are experts in the field of surveillance – something that can decide a work compensation, divorce, or child custody case.
  • PIs who are experts in computer investigations can give important information in cases were digital devices were involved.
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3 great ways to promote using personalized promotional items https://wideinfo.org/3-great-ways-to-promote-using-personalized-promotional-items/ https://wideinfo.org/3-great-ways-to-promote-using-personalized-promotional-items/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:12:10 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4287 We all know the importance of advertising in business these days. Advertising has become one of the most important things an entrepreneur must do in order to garner attention of public. Whether you are a professional in large corporation, a small business owner, or a volunteer at a nonprofit organization, you are well aware of countless advertising specialties that exist in the world. But recent trends have shown that personalized promotional items are best way to promote your brand.

If you are running out of means to advertise your business through personalized promotional items? If you are, here 3 best ways through which you can advertise your business by using personalized promotional items:

  1. Go-green

Times have changed, and people have become more sensitive towards conserving our mother earth. This sensitization has made eco-friendly custom logo popular in the market nowadays. Each day more and more awareness campaigns are being held and people are participating in them in order to bring a change. Most of the people resort to the practice of saving the environment by inventing products that do not damage nature and does not exhaust its energy when used. It is therefore recommended to tap this top demand through your brand exposure. There are quite a bunch of eco-friendly promotional products such as bamboo made USB drive, solar flashlights and many more. This way, your brand will be able to grab as many people as it can.

  1. Return to functional

A common mistake done by most of the companies is that they try too much to grab the attention of people by inventing a design of promotional product that is avant-garde but have no use at all, thinking that it is cool and so it will attract people at large. But they don’t think that initially no doubt it will be an eye candy, but in long run that product will not be able to retain its charm. If your custom logo item doesn’t have any use, you cannot be possibly exposed since the only way to get endorsed is for people to use your products as often as possible. Therefore, the bottom line is if you are running out of ‘hot and trendy’ ways to advertise your brand, just focus on simply giving useful items that people will be more than satisfied to have.

  1. Return your custom merchandise into usable coupons

Another popular way you can use your promotional item is by converting them into coupons and distributing in the houses nearby your business. This will not only induce people into using them but it will also bat you some eyes. Also, you can save a lot of bucks in this kind of promotion because you can just redistribute the items all over again since people will just continue on returning them upon redemption.

The above given points are just some of many ways in which you can promote and advertise your brand in an efficient and judicious manner. You should just make an effort to squeeze or imagination and boost your skills.

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10 Attributes Of A Quality Hotel https://wideinfo.org/10-attributes-of-a-quality-hotel/ Tue, 27 Jun 2017 09:22:10 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=197

Your holiday may turn out to be a success or failure depending upon the quality of the accommodation you choose. All in all, this article will help you find a quality hotel the next time you are touring! Let us now get to know the 10 attributes of a quality hotel which will lead the way for you to have an enjoyable experience.

1. One of the most important things you should be looking at while opting for a particular hotel is the staff. The employees must be friendly and helpful; otherwise a hotel cannot be called a quality hotel. If the workers are polite, they will indisputably extend a cheery welcome to you (and your team, if any). Having said that, they should ideally be willing to help you wherever they can.

2. If you are taking a trip during the hot summer months, having a good quality air conditioning system is vital. If hotel rooms get very hot, you will not be treated with a pleasant stay no matter what.

3. On the other hand, adequately heated rooms in the winter are an absolute necessity. Your comfort cannot do without rooms which maintain an optimum temperature notwithstanding the weather outside.

4. A comfortable bed does not let you compromise with the quality of your stay. If the sleeping arrangements are not proper, it is better to get rid of that hotel. A good night’s sleep is indispensable, all the more so when you are on an outing.

5. What comes after a comfortable bed is the quality of the hotel room walls. If the hotel room walls are not thick, you will hear other guests or their TVs. Bottom line is, no sound or noise should be able to penetrate the walls of a hotel room.

6. Make it a point to pick a hotel that is accommodating of their guest’s special requests. Suppose when you have children in your group, you will have to ask the hotel for something or the other. Under such circumstances, it is highly satisfying when the workers lend you an ear and follow through.

7. Another thing to bear in mind prior to booking any hotel is that it should be situated in a great location. By great location, I mean that it should be at a proximity to the main attractions of the place. If it is not so, you will have to undergo a lot of hassle accessing them.

8. Ensure that the hotel room is neat and clean. A dirty and untidy room ensures a bad experience and ought to be shunned at all costs.

9. I’m not saying that you should select a cheap hotel; all I am saying is that the price you pay for any hotel should fundamentally be reflected in the quality of your stay.

10. Make sure that a hotel you like has vacancies. This means that the hotel should boast of a good availability.

In case you have planned a trip to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, you may require hotels in Campbeltown or Dundee hotels. Happy stay!

Web Host Security: How to Create a Safe Hosting Environment? https://wideinfo.org/web-host-security-how-to-create-a-safe-hosting-environment/ https://wideinfo.org/web-host-security-how-to-create-a-safe-hosting-environment/#respond Tue, 27 Jun 2017 05:47:10 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=4283 When website owners start looking for a web hosting service, they are somehow convinced that the hosts are completely responsible for the security aspect, which is a risky belief. The host may not cater to all the security related aspects – sometimes it offers nothing in that regard, to keep its prices low and attract more clients. Here is what you can do to make sure your website and all the information on it is secure:

Avoid going for the lowest price

As with everything else, purchasing the cheapest hosting package may come with loads of risks, threats, security breaches and so on. Unfortunately, many companies provide rudimentary hosting services at a low price – which is attractive from a financial point of view. But, since it’s skipping proper security, you may not want that at all. Sign up for a plan that costs a little more but keeps the data secure.


Understanding your maintenance tasks

If you chose a server and a hosting plan that does not include maintenance (or only partially), then you will have to perform certain tasks yourself. These may include: updating and patching software or various existing applications your website uses, maintaining the hardware drives and updating/checking the operating system. You must do these with regularity to prevent any errors. Certain hosting services, like Real Hosting, provide hybrid types of protection and management software, which simplify the user’s tasks and create a number of new and easily manageable features.

Secure server location

There has been a lot of debate around the server location topic. While many hosts choose to have their servers abroad, for reasons pertaining to the costs, others would rather have them onshore. This is far more advantageous when it comes to the website’s security. As a client, you can have more peace of mind when you know the servers are under the local laws and regulations and, should attacks occur, these will be easier to handle.

Business protection guarantee

When you do business online, you deal with loads of data your website gathers for customers and the connection may not always be secure. Plus, such data is extremely attractive to hackers. SSL encryption will help you here. A SSL Certificate will help your users feel secure when using your website. It caters to all the sensible data and prevents attacks. This will have numerous positive effects in time – it builds you a positive reputation and encourages customers to come around again. Get a SSL certificate that suits your business, as there are many to choose from.

Backups for data integrity

To maintain data integrity, one needs to have in place a reliable backup solution. Even though the security aspect is well catered to, there may still be a risk of attacks. In that case, the data should be duplicated and copied to a different place. It’s best when done regularly. A backup solution must be an integrated part to any hosting plan.

Keeping a website secure is an essential part to having a solid online presence. It isn’t something you just choose in the beginning as you opt for a hosting package, but rather a continuous effort, whether it requires your attention or the staff’s. Therefore, contact your host and make sure to ask all the questions concerning website and server security.

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How Personalized Medals Are Made? https://wideinfo.org/how-personalized-medals-are-made/ https://wideinfo.org/how-personalized-medals-are-made/#respond Mon, 26 Jun 2017 21:16:59 +0000 https://wideinfo.org/?p=1928 The personalized medals speak a lot about the value and importance of the award given to the recipient. There are hundreds of companies who providing the medals personalized according to our choices. You can choose the type of engraving on the medal from various options including edge marking, plating, color enamel, personalized engraving and more. The size of the medal is another criterion – medallion (diameter of 3), medalet (one inch in diameter) and medal which are large, small, in-between medals. When you approve the detailed designs, distinct shapes and crispy finishes to the vendor, you must also know the detailed process of the medal making.

  • Once the detailed design is given, the experts do a virtual artwork of the image, say the company’s logo to be printed on the medal. Note, the image provided should be in high-resolution.
  • The skilled artisans and craftsmen create the steel dies used for the medal design. The corporate logos are generally replicated using 2D dies and for portraits or landscapes, they use 3D dies.
  • The silver is melted in an induction furnace where introduces an alternating magnetic field inducing electric eddy currents causing adequate heat to melt it. This process eliminates the impurities when they are heated.
  • Billet is created. A billet is formed from the molten silver when powered into cylindrical molds to cool down. These billets are heated again about 15-39 minutes to ~1000 degrees . In the case of gold, it is cast into flat molds.
  • After reaching the massive machine called extruder, the billets are converted into strips pushing the metal into a narrow slot under high pressure.
  • The strips when get cooled are then trimmed with the help of a hydraulic shearer followed by rolling. The thin strips are fed into the rolling machine under high-pressure to achieve proper specifications. With a micrometer, the thickness is measured precisely.
  • Then the strips are sent to the ‘blanking’ press which is responsible for creating the final size shape of the medal.
  • Then they are fed into a vibratory finishing machine which has a lot of tiny ball bearing with a solution of soap and warm water, for the ultimate polishing and removing the rough spots.
  • Up to 1500 tons of hydraulic pressure, with each strike, the medal flows into the small parts of the die.
  • Last but never the least, final touches are given to the personalized medals according to the customer’s required specifications.

About Fia Medals

FIA stands for Factory of Artistic Insignias, this company was created in 1928 since then they have been creating stunning custom medals. FIA deals with stamping precious metals and bronze awards for many organizations.

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