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Features to Look For in Web Hosting

If you are reading this, then you might be looking to purchase new Hosting or might be looking to migrate. In any case, you are at the right place, because I am going to mention the features, which you need to look for, while opting for a new web host.

So, here we go.

Speed – The First Factor to look for

Well, As we know, Loading speed is one of the factors of ranking, and for high traffic sites, a few milliseconds can cost a lot of visitors.

So, it’s important that, you should consider this point very seriously while opting for new hosting.

But the question is, How you can check Speed of a web host, which you are not using?

Well, The Most easiest way to check the performance of Hosting servers is to check the loading time of sites already hosted with the same web host, but while doing so, make sure, you consider all the factors, which can add into site speed, like heavy Theme, Plugins, can increase loading time, so don’t go by the overall speed of the site.

Instead, Check their server response time. In case, if you don’t know how to check it, use Google page Speed Insights, and you will get the server response time in the first line of the result.

This will give you a fair idea about the server speed, but one thing I must say, the overall speed of site depends on processes running in the background (specially for WordPress sites) and the usage of data, so, consider everything while making the final decision.

You can also read some of the reviews written online, but while reading keep one thing mind, that some reviews may not be accurate. Why? Read example.

Example:- I have seen people complaining about Hostgator server speed as their sites were running slow, but actually it was not due to slow server speed, it was due to multiple number of sites hosted on the same shared hosting and that too having high amount of data. So, it was a case of choosing the wrong plan/ having less resources.

So, Check Speed factor carefully, while opting for a web host.

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Bandwidth & Disk Space

These are another two main factors, as many people call, the higher the traffic & size of website, the higher will be the usage of bandwidth & Disk Space, which is right.

And you must have noticed, that number of companies of giving away Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space in their shared hosting plans, but are they really unlimited?

Well, No one knows, because the majority times, you need that much resources, specially Bandwidth. Small Business Websites or personal blogs with a few hundred visitors do not need unlimited bandwidth, they only 5-10TB which is fairly a high amount.

But for big sites, they really need to put emphasis on this factor as it can cost a lot. Especially when you choose a web host, which penalizes you, for using more bandwidth than allowed.

So, consider everything carefully, talk to the support staff about this, before purchasing a web host, read online reviews and then make your decision.

Future Upgrades (Scalability) – Must look Factor

The most of you, don’t care about scalability, especially the newbies, but that’s where you make mistakes, because it is important that, you should only choose a web host, which provides easy upgrades in the future, as your website is bound to grow, sooner or later.

So, check this point carefully before purchasing any web hosting. Also, check the cost of up-gradation, in case you need to upgrade later, some hosts might be costly, so you need to avoid them and choose, which offers up-gradation with fair amount.

Some Extra Points to Take Care

Now, there are some extra points, which will make your selection of web host, easier.

  • The Support Quality – Important in case, you need help.
  • Usage Difficulty – Must have been easy to use, specially for newbies.
  • Backup Options – Important, once you build a good website.
  • Server Uptime Guarantee – Don’t go by guarantees, check uptime history of old sites.

What will be my Recommendation?

Well, I will always recommend, companies that are reputed, like Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, WPengine, etc. But in the end, it depends on you and your needs.

Also, Budget plays an important role in choosing a web host, so choose Hosting wisely and in case, you want to save some money, then use Hostgator Black Friday 2015 Coupon to get 65% Discount.

So, that’s it. If you have any query, feel free to shoot it via comments.