Fashion “Rules” Rihanna Breaks on the Reg

Ask every person who is the worst whinge of them all, and they’ll say, Rihanna. I imply, her Instagram handle is literally @badgalriri. It doesn’t get greater boss than that. Well, the horrific-bitch electricity that this musical icon is thought for has trickled its way down into her fashion recognition as properly. No, we aren’t just speaking approximately her new noteworthy Fenty mission, through which she had become the first black girl to run a Maison inside LVMH. For today, we are simply speakme about all of the style “policies” she breaks on the reg.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up seven iconic Rihanna style moments in which she proves she doesn’t supply a crap about traditional dressing “guidelines” or all the random faux pas humans abide by. This story isn’t to say all of us ought to or should not be following such fashion guidelines. In reality, the rules are essentially obsolete, however, the ones we are citing right here are ones we tend to reflect onconsideration on whilst we see them IRL. For example, wearing heels to the airport. If it really is your MO then, by way of all manner, wear those heels, however for most, this is a prime no. Make sense? Great.

Now, earlier than I give away all the fashion “guidelines” Rihanna breaks on an everyday basis, I’ll let you take a search for your self.

1. Scarf Over Hat

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never visible someone put on a headscarf over a baseball hat before, and I love it. It’s just like the ultimate incognito vibe. If I had been to try and put on this look, my buddies might make a laugh of me, however seeing it on Rihanna feels so right.

2. Heels to the Airport

The largest fashion no inside the world (arguably) is wearing stilettos to the airport. It makes honestly zero feels. I mean, among lugging around suitcases, going thru security, and occasionally sprinting in your gate, sporting heels to the airport, again, makes—and I can’t pressure this sufficient—0 sense. But whilst Rihanna does it, all of my not unusual experience all of the sudden flies out the window, and I locate myself planning my subsequent heel-embellished airport look.

Three. Multiple Pieces of Statement Jewelry

Coco Chanel famously advised that before leaving the house, one should look inside the replicate and dispose of one accessory. Well, in line with Rihanna, exactly the opposite jewelry genuine. It takes some courage to rock a couple of pieces of announcement earrings without delay, let alone a set of gemstones that equals just about $1 million, however in BadGalRiRi’s world, the more diamonds, the better.

4. Two Belts at Once

This might be one of my favorite Rihanna outfits of all time due to the abundance of feathers, but it wasn’t till doing studies for this story that I even observed she changed into carrying two belts. That’s how convenient it appears. The next time your outfit is in want of a little freshening up, attempt wearing contrasting yet comparable belts and make contact with it a day. Rihanna proves here this simple styling trick can dress up even the only of pajama shirts.

Five. Exposed Bra

Another random style faux pas that clearly isn’t always a fake pas anymore however human beings still unnecessarily recoil at is while someone’s bra is seen. No, be counted how intentional you make it look, there’s continually someone who will internally disgrace you for not tucking for your straps or opting for a strapless bra. It’s silly, I understand, however it is a harsh global. Once once more, Rihanna would not give a crap, especially now that she has her very own line of underwear. You better believe she’s flaunting her designs as regularly as possible.

6. Skirt as a Top

I do not even understand what to say approximately this outfit. I turned into these days watching “Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking” (which, if you have not visible it already, is a hilarious new segment by means of Seth Meyers) in which Rihanna revealed that she wore this outfit to the dentist… THE DENTIST. Moral of the tale? If Rihanna can get this innovative to go get her tooth cleaned, what is your excuse?

7. Sunglasses at Night

Last but no longer least, Rihanna loves carrying sunshades at night time. Because she’s Rihanna. End of story.

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