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Faking Style: The Ins and the Outs

Sometimes style is expensive. And sometimes it’s just difficult to obtain for some reason or another. Perhaps because of geography. Or maybe scarcity, real or instituted for the purpose of creating a club of insiders. But regardless of the reasons for or against style, there are ways of faking that you’re part of the in crowd, and it comes with its positives and negatives.

So, for a down-and-dirty discussion of the fringes of faking it until you make it, consider the relationship between yourself and brands and labels, hitting details all the way down to the laces, considering thrift store specials, knowing the history of style, and following the money trail around to its natural conclusion.

Brands and Labels

One of the easiest ways to fake style is by buying knockoffs, and that means searching out the items and accessories with the brands pasted right on them. This is the realm of the fake Gucci bag, or the fake Rolex, or the fake Tommy Hilfiger. It can either be extremely difficult to tell the difference between the fake and the original, or it can be so obvious that the person who owns it is getting a kick out of the snide context of the purchase.

Down To the Laces

And shoes are a big deal to some fashionistas, even to the point where they’ll go to great lengths to figure out if your laces are fake on your vintage athletic kicks. There may be some question as to what type of a person would go to this length, but the fact they exist in droves is good enough to keep honest people honest, and the amateurs out of the limelight when the watchers are watching.

Thrift Store Specials

One interesting place to find the intersection of fake and real would be at your local thrift store. You can shop there all day long and find all sorts of incredible, original, high-end, and vintage clothing. Some of it won’t even be the worse for wear – you just have to have the eye for it.

Knowing the History

One way that fakers and real-fashion folk will duel is by knowing the history of the brands in question. There’s fascinating backstories behind things like the Levi’s brand, or Carhartt, or Prada. And the more you know, the better you can either fake your own presence or call someone else out on theirs.

Follow the Money Trail

At the heart of fashion is going to be money. So even if quality and craftsmanship are down, recognizable brands are going to cost more. That means there’s always a way to follow the money trail back down the pipe, and that will show you the biggest difference between the fakers and the makers – basic cash flow!