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Facebook could show Vine-like video features for Instagram

Facebook could show Vine-like video features

Facebook is all set to hold a major press event on June 20 and rumours are already flying around. While some claim that Facebook will be unveiling an RSS reader, a report has emerged that the social networking giant will be announcing the addition of video capabilities to Instagram.

According to a report by TechCrunch, an unnamed source has claimed that Instagram will get video, quite like Twitter’s Vine service. Calling it ‘the Vine effect’, the report suggests that talk of short videos in Instagram is not new. About four weeks ago, Matthew Keys from The Desk had claimed that Facebook had been testing Vine-like video abilities for Instagram internally. It seems like the length of the videos could be anywhere between five to ten seconds, whereas Vine only lets users upload a six-second clip.

Ready for videos?

Ready for videos?

If the rumour is indeed true, we could also be looking at Instagram’s famed filter effects making ther way to video. It even makes sense for Instagram to be receiving video features as it already has a strong base of users who process images and share them socially.

Vine’s role in getting Facebook to sit up and take notice is undeniable. The app launched only back in January has made its way up the popularity charts on both iOS and Android. In fact the app has been downloaded 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 times since it was launched for Android earlier this month.

One major reason for this could be the fact that Facebook pulled in-line display of Instagram images on Twitter, preferring to drive traffic to the Instagram site. Twitter in return added card support for Vine, driving the media shares of the service up. According to a report by Topsy Analytics this month, Vine had overtaken Instagram’s shares on Twitter. The number of Vine videos shared on June 7 were far higher than Instagram pictures shared on the same day, the first time that Vine shares had surpassed Instagram’s.

For now, the rumours remain a toss-up between an RSS reader and Instagram’s video capacities. We only have to wait till June 20 to see what Facebook has up its sleeve.


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