Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2019

Social Media Marketing is a major driving force behind digital marketing. Businesses, no matter what size, need social media presence to sell. Facebook is king when it comes to social media marketing, and it reached this status without any competition. Facebook will continue to lord it over by continuously coming up with new features to help businesses widen their reach via paid Facebook advertisements.

The Facebook Marketing Bible: All Secrets Revealed

Here are the significant Facebook advertising trends that you should capitalize on to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Facebook Video Advertisement

Mobile users prefer watching videos over reading texts. In Facebook alone, more than 100 million hours of video are viewed every day. Mobile devices continue to upgrade their media player, which should be an indicator for businesses to develop better videos.

Facebook videos reach 135% more audiences than photos. If you’re not doing it yet, it’s high time you use videos as your primary promotional tool. Doing so need not cost you an arm and a leg. Come up with a few Facebook video advertisements and, in no time, you can have better engagement with your audience. Remember that people tend to remember what they have seen more than what they have read.

Other Facebook Advertisements

Facebook Advertisement is not limited to video ads. There are other advertising formats that marketers and small businesses can use.

  • Carousel ads – make a more convincing CTA by using multiple images or multiple offers. You can also create multiple selling points in a single ad.
  • Slideshow ads – this uses lightweight videos that load quickly, which is less intrusive to the viewer. Small businesses may start with this format.
  • Collection ads – with this format, viewers can look at multiple products or information without leaving the app. This increases awareness without resorting to an outbound link.
  • Canvas – this format converts your single-video ad or image into full screen. This is great in highlighting big-ticket items.
  • Dynamic ads – this format allows you to use a single ad template to showcase several products or create pitches for different segments.
  • Link ads – this feature allows you to customize a CTA button to direct your prospects to a landing page. This compels them to take action, thereby increase your conversion.
  • Lead ads – this feature includes a lead capture form within the app.

Facebook likes to keep its users inside the platform. That’s why they came up with formats like Lead Ads and Collection Ads. Audiences can interact with your brand without leaving Facebook. For example, Lead Ads has a lead capture form inside the app that automatically uses information from users’ profiles. This simplifies the process in your marketing funnel. Marketers are eyeing Lead Ads for their potential to skyrocket conversion rates and make mobile ads more effective.

Facebook Explore Feed

Marketers were bothered when Facebook announced that newsfeeds no longer contain branded posts. These branded posts will be moved to a separate “Explore” feed. This means taking a nosedive in organic reach if the Explore Feed becomes a global change.

Truth be told, even without the Explore Feed, there is already a drop in organic reach. Contents no longer appear on their own unless you ask your followers to make sure they click “follow” and “see first,” and you’re unsure if they will do it. Facebook Pages are then left with no other course but to fund paid Facebook advertising campaigns to guarantee their audience.

There is a silver lining to this. Marketers can now fine-tune their ads to increase relevance and maximize ROI. They can also weed out audiences who most likely won’t convert anyway. So, bite the bullet and embrace paid advertising if you want to tap the target audience on Facebook. Who doesn’t?

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