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Facebook facing outage, is down for some users on web and iOS

Facebook facing outage, is down for some users

Facebook has been facing a service disruption and is inaccessible to certain users across America and parts of Asia. Trying to access the website shows up an error message and users are unable to log in to the website.

The issue seems to be widespread in American countries like the US, Brazil and Canada, but users in India seemed to have noticed this issue too. Here at tech2, I was unable to access my Facebook earlier this morning.

Down Right Now

Down Right Now

Trying to access the site shows up a message that reads, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” According to Down Right Now, the last service disruption for Facebook was at 8:03 AM IST.

The disruption has taken place on a Tuesday night in the US, forcing Facebook users to vent on Twitter instead. The issue did not seem to limit itself to simply the website as users on iOS devices too showed a “Network Error” when trying to load the app.

Facebook has not been having a very good year with service disruptions and downtime since the beginning of this year, with most notable and widespread outages being caused in the month of February. On Valentine’s day, Facebook announced that the site went down for maintenance purposes, causing users to outrage on Twitter.

The social networking giant has not made a statement about the downtime this morning. If your Facebook is now working fine, let us know in the comments section below.


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