Explained: Why Every Innovative Startup Needs A Mobile App?

Over the last five years, the startup culture has transformed enormously. Everything has changed from the primary business approach to promotional marketing strategies like email marketing, app reviews, and social media promotion. In addition to this, the competition in the industry of apps developed has also increased by multiple folds in startups.

How to Create a Successful Mobile App Startup?

So what’s next?

How can a startup stand out from the midst of hundreds and thousands of brands and build a name for itself in its respective industries? Well, a quick and short answer to this question is that by digitalizing its business!

Now, you might be wondering how one can truly digitalize one startup. Simple, initiate one of the most basic yet effective strategies, i.e., developing a mobile app for your startup.


To make this statement more clear, let’s start by covering some of the major segments, like the crucial reasons your startup needs to launch a mobile application:

Reasons You Need To Launch A Mobile App For Your Startup

Investing in a mobile app is definitely worth a try if you are looking to provide some exposure to your business, which is still in its exploration stage. Below are some of the main reasons that make the option to build an app for your startup so appealing:

1. Service Promotion

According to various marketing research surveys, it has been concluded that end-users mainly recognize companies and brands by what their mobile applications have to offer. In other words, these mobile apps act as one of the primary gateways for startups to promote their digital products and services to the outside world.

A mobile application can either make it or break it’ for your startup business. Remember, you are here to build strong, beneficial, and long-term relationships with your target audience.

2. Building an Audience

Another major reason to opt for a mobile application is to build a specific audience for your online business’s products and services. Many marketing experts even suggest launching a mobile app to expand the target user base for a business.

This is because owning a traditional website is rapidly falling out of trend as mobile browsing, and searching is now being treated by users as a user are now treating searching report released by Ericsson, it was seen that mobile subscriptions alone would cross the mark of 9 billion by the end of this year.

3. User Engagement

Mobile apps also give businesses a great opportunity to interact with their targeted audience and convert them into potential customers while increasing user engagement at the same time. All of this is done in real-time, where valuable user information about the location and other demographics are collected through the means of user-profiles and accounts.

Let’s consider a finance and banking mobile app that allows its customers to check their deposit funds into their accounts. This critical information is further saved along with the time and location. Now, app users can easily keep track of their balance and account with the app’s help. Along with this, users can get additional features like ATM finder, customer support, etc.

4. Boosting the ROI

Now that we have covered user engagement, it’s time to move on to why online businesses and emerging startups should pick mobile apps instead of going for a basic website, which is to maximize the ROI. An effective business app’s main aim is to create a customer that can provide long-term engagement to the platform. This process will eventually turn a potential lead into a loyal customer, i.e., a paying customer.

When it comes to maximizing ROI (Return on Investment), many people have concerns like ‘is it something they can invest in,’ ‘can they afford a mobile business app,’ etc. But these doubts can be easily cleared out with some statistics; for example, a report by Distimo, an application analytics organization, states that the average expense per device for building a mobile app is less than one percent of a business’s overall revenue.

5. Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile application covers various functions under it instead of just one. For instance, an application provides basic information about the business, the pricing range of products and services provided by the brand, customer support or query forms, the option to search throughout the platform, user profiles, push notifications, text messenger, and so much more.

With the help of all of these features, mobile apps have the caliber to transform a business. In addition to this, one of the biggest advantages of owning a mobile app for your startup is that all necessary information can be conveyed to the targeted user base. For example, with the help of push notifications, your customers can know about the latest promotions and special discounts that you are offering on your products and services.

Along with the above-mentioned reasons, startups should focus on building an app that is highly responsive in nature because if an app doesn’t work properly, then having a responsive design website might be a better option. But remember, either option will allow you to engage more with customers, build your customer base, and drive sales.

Final Thoughts

It can often be seen that a ton of small businesses and startups who are just entering the market believe that mobile business apps are only beneficial for major corporations or renowned organizations. Along with this, there are other misconceptions about mobile apps being expensive and highly industry-specific.

But that is not the case, as almost any business from any industry vertical, from startups to established companies, can have their mobile app built. This mobile application will provide them with major online exposure on a budget, totally irrespective of the business’s size.

In other words, we can say that a startup that is backed up by a powerful and efficient mobile app is more likely to achieve success in the market than the ones that are still using a website. In the coming years, businesses without mobile apps will not hold any chances to survive in the tough competition.

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