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Expert Tips on Using Open Source Components

Open source components are omnipresent phenomena today for almost every industry. Thousands of such components are used everyday to build and deploy applications quickly. According to a survey, 99% of Global 2000 corporations would include OSS (Open Source Software) as the business-critical tools for their IT portfolios by 2016. Thus, it won’t be overstretching to state that the use of OSS is steadily reaching for great heights.

One of the best advantages of open-source components is that it’s available for free. Moreover, it assures unmatched flexibility and the very ability to modify code and optimize performance easily. But then again, the usage of OSS carries risks if there is no timely monitoring or upgrades involved. The article here is a brief on how to use the open source components smoothly.

Governance program

It’s good if you can establish a governance program for OSS, as it will help to audit, track, filter and manage the pertinent assets in your enterprise. It would be harder for you to keep track on the open-source assets, which leave or come into your system- without such a program aid. The program should cover guidelines on three major risk zones while using OSS- security, licensing and quality.

Mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of your governance program

To ensure an effective monitoring of the governance program, you should:

· Monitor the OSS consumption from the external sources like Central Repository.

· Try to detect potential issues by identifying the groups which aren’t adhering to OSS policies.

· Audit applications to check whether included components are meeting your guidelines or not.

· Analyze the whole bunch of software supplied by software suppliers or subcontractors to see if they’re meeting the set requirements.

Get your OSS managed by OSS management companies

There are open source software management companies today that take up the entire responsibility of managing the OSS components for you so that you can focus your attention on growing your business. WhiteSource is one of the most frequented names when it comes to OSS management. You can even get a free trial from

What will WhiteSource do for you?

WhiteSource will help you to identify all the open-source components used by your system- including all sub-components and dependencies- within minutes. For each of them, you will receive an updated license as well as security and compliance information. As developers start using new OSS components, they would be detected automatically.

The company will inform you about the typical license tied to each of the OSS components, the associated risks and the steps to be taken to stay compliant with license requirements. WhiteSource would even automate a lot of related chores for the client.

WhiteSource will inform you on security vulnerabilities that might influence your products and would proactively alarm you while new ones come to light. You will also get to know how to fix those vulnerabilities andthe company will follow a convenient management approach without disturbing your developers.

Finally, WhiteSource hosts this unique caliber to manage OSS components in every major programming language and developing environment.