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An Expensive Taste for Designer Labels

Would you pay $250,000 for a belt? Apparently, the Italian designer label Gucci thinks that you would. They made a platinum belt, studded with diamonds; and some Beverley Hills socialite owns it. Not comfortable with so much “bling”? You also have the option of a Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag from the house of Hermès. The iconic bag is made from real crocodile skin, as a tribute to singer Jane Birkin. Priced at $120,000, it has a 10 carat diamond studded on its clasp. Speaking of diamonds; according to the Daily Mail, the 1001night diamond purse by Mouawad holds the Guinness Record for the most expensive purse in the world at $3.8 million!

These accessories substantiate the high prices. However, some designer brands’ prices just don’t seem logical. So, when a little red leather Louis Vuitton tote is priced at $5,000, it gets you thinking. Why pay so much just for LV leather when you can get high quality cheap replica bags online that are just as good at sites like

Why Designer are Labels so Expensive?

According to a 2013 article in the Daily Mail, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the cost of luxury goods had increased by 60% over the past decade. In just over 13 years, the cost of an expensive Hermès bag priced at $4,800 had jumped to $7,600.

If you ask the sales reps for the reason, they never have a conclusive answer. A Jimmy Choo distributer says that it is because of the growing cost of quality raw materials. Well, the price of leather and thread has not increased to such an extent, so that cannot be the right answer.

According to a report in, ace fashion house Burberry claims to have raised its prices in March 2013. Their reason was to attract the wealthier and new customers to “exclusive” products. So, the only solution that normal people have is to go in for cheap replica handbags & purses and apparels, which are 99.9% similar to the original.

Counter Seasonal Sales

Most brands have seasonal markdowns. So, to compensate for this, they have high retail costs during the rest of the year. A few luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, do not offer discount sales at all. However, brands like Isabel Marant, Prada and Celine markdown their prices to clear their inventory. And, even during the 50% off sale, their prices don’t come close to the prices of the 99.9% authentic cheap replica handbags & purses. So, where is the incentive?

High Net-Worth Individuals

According to a Capgemini report in 2013, the number of high net worth individuals in the world increased from 9.2% in 2012 to a whooping 12 million people. So, the high prices of the products are not because of the quality of leather and thread used, it is mainly because more people are able to afford designer labels. It seems like the prices will not come down in the near future. So, the only viable option, if not the smarter one, is to choose from the wide range of cheap replica bags.