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Executive Level Skills = Internet Marketing Success

Many skills typically associated with an executive-level position will prove extremely useful in launching and running an Internet marketing enterprise. Although there are substantial differences between a small, home-based venture and a large corporation, the underlying principles of business management and operation are alike. Clearly, there is a different focus on products and services, as well as client base, but any individual with a solid background in business has the potential to be dramatically successful at Internet marketing.

Here are some typical executive-level skills that are particularly well suited to Internet marketing.

Leadership Skills
Executives are by definition leaders. They are typically responsible for managing people and motivating them to accomplish assigned tasks and to meet assigned objectives. And although an Internet marketing business usually consists only of the owner, the industry itself is constantly looking for new leaders. In the parlance of Internet marketing, a leader is a successful entrepreneur who can assist others in achieving success. For this reason, anyone who embodies the principles of leadership can become an effective Internet marketer who teaches, guides and leads fellow entrepreneurs.



Organizational Skills
Organizational skills fall in two specific categories. First of all, any successful executive must be able to manage a busy daily calendar and a seemingly endless to-do list. In a network marketing business, this skill is even more important, as most entrepreneurs work independently in solitary environments. Being able to manage a myriad of ever-changing tasks is a necessary skill for any Internet marketer.

Many executives are also organization builders. Within Internet marketing the creation of an organization-called a “downline” in the world of Multi-Level Marketing-is an essential component of long-term success. By understanding how people relate to one another and by implementing systems for communications and order processing, a former executive with organizational skills is perfectly suited to developing a functional order to support his brand of network marketing. Within the context of the Internet marketing industry, organizations are composed of like-minded people operating independent businesses that support one another in the pursuit of common goals.

Sales and Marketing Skills
Even though it may seem obvious that sales and marketing skills are part and parcel of the Internet marketing business, many professionals from this discipline consider themselves ill prepared for their new career. Sometimes this is due to a lack of familiarity with the product. Other times, it’s a lack of familiarity with the process itself. Regardless of one’s perception, however, a sales and marketing background is an excellent foundation for Internet marketing success.

Sales and marketing professionals understand how to define and promote powerful messages that attract potential customers to an opportunity. Furthermore, anyone with a sales background understands how to talk to prospects and to advance a sales process. Although the industry jargon may be different, the underlying principles are exactly the same. Anyone with a demonstrated background in successful sales and marketing is eminently qualified to do business on the Internet.

Technology and Computer Skills
Because the Internet is your business, it is helpful to embark on an ongoing education in computers and related technologies. A solid understanding of technical matters will increase your chances of success. However, Internet marketers who lack sufficient experience in this area may choose to outsource the management of some technical functions. Fortunately, there are more cost-effective shortcuts available to the novice today than ever before. Don’t be discouraged if your computer skills aren’t quite up to par. True, an Internet entrepreneur can save time and money if he or she already has these skills, but in the long run, it’s something that can easily be remedied through education and minor investments in outside sources.

Mentoring Skills
An important facet of any executive level position is the development of subordinates into effective managers and employees. Because Internet marketing is to a large extent based on the creation of an expansive organization, the ability to mentor new recruits is essential. Additionally, an effective mentor begins to gain the reputation as an effective leader, which can significantly help his or her Internet enterprise to expand.

Motivational Skills
The motivational skills necessary to succeed in Internet marketing come in two flavors-personal motivation and team motivation. Because an Internet marketer works alone, usually from a home office, a good deal of personal motivation is essential in order to be successful. By being able to manage personal motivation levels on a day-to-day basis, an Internet marketing entrepreneur can stay focused on and committed to the tasks at hand.

Building an Internet marketing empire requires significant motivational skills. It’s true that Internet marketing is simple but it’s not necessarily easy. People often become demoralized and unmotivated when they don’t see instantaneous results. An effective Internet marketer focuses on building a dynamic organization. He or she must be able to provide the motivational support necessary to keep people engaged and successful.

Self-Discipline Skills
Most successful executives get to where they are by summoning a tremendous amount of hard work and self-discipline. It goes without saying that self-discipline is a critical component of any successful Internet marketing business. Because entrepreneurs often work in an isolated environment from their own homes, they must have the discipline to focus on the tasks at hand and to avoid being sidetracked by the many distractions that invariably present themselves. Furthermore, to succeed in Internet marketing requires an ongoing, focused effort. There will always be ups and downs as a business unfolds, and a tremendous amount of self-discipline is necessary to stay focused and committed to long-term success.

When mapping your experience from past endeavors to a new Internet marketing enterprise, it’s important to recognize that, despite the fact that the new environment may be completely alien to you, the underlying principles remain the same. The strengths and skills that served you well in the past will do the same for you in the future.

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