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Everything about good mobile dental unit

Most dentists want every single person in the United States to receive good dental care. Unfortunately, everyone is not able to visit a dental office. Some of these people live in remote areas and have no transportation, they might be elderly and don’t have anyway to get out of the house and downtown alone or they might have a disability or handicap that keeps them immobilized.

Some dentists who want everyone to receive oral healthcare will use a mobile dental unit to see patients. This is a unit on wheels that has some of the best equipment possible so that a dentist traveling to see patients can offer the best treatment. Some of the services offered by a mobile dental unit, like the mobile medical units from, are:

•             Teeth cleanings

•             Dental examinations

•             Fluoride treatments

•             Radiography

•             Free toothbrushes and toothpaste

•             Dental education

•             Dental sealants

•             Referrals as needed to orthodontists and oral surgeons

The beauty of a mobile dental unit is that it can be full of the same equipment a dental office is equipped with. They have space for a receptionist and dental assistant, a waiting area for patients, a dental chair and tray for equipment needed by the dentist. A mobile dental unit can drive to any location regardless of how isolated it is.

A commercial mobile dental unit is not only convenient and versatile, but they can last for years when maintained properly. Because these units are truck based vehicles, they will need to have frequent check-ups, oil changes and inspections. Keeping the exterior of the unit clean is simple with regular washings. Because none of the components are made out of wood, they stay sparkling clean for a long time.

Many of the dentists participating in mobile dental units offer their services on a voluntary basis. Oftentimes, the supplies stocked on a dental unit are donated by organizations or dentists and doctors that participate in these programs. Many mobile dental unit work in conjunction with care providers, and they visit various hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living homes to accommodate those who have no way to travel.

Mobile dental units are a great way for dental offices to advertise their business and promote their services for a good cause. It is a great way to educate people about good oral hygiene and the benefits it provides.