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Esthetic Schools can help change lives

It is not necessary that you are an MD in order to make a difference for patients suffering from cancer, hormone dysfunctions or those suffering from severe burns. Sometime all you really need is a heart and some specialized certification and training from a cutting edge esthetic school in order to be qualified to work in helping to expand the field of cosmetic medicine and skincare amongst a variety of specialities.

Camouflage Therapy:

True to its name, it is the art of camouflaging cosmetically the appearance of disfigured patients and thereby normalizing it. As a trained esthetician, you can help greatly in reinstating the self esteem of the patient and thus ensuring a better psychological as well as physical well being.

Esthetic schools also offer certain courses in studying the psychology of these disfigured patients, of medical terminology and burn therapy as well as those related to corrective medical makeup techniques, colour theory, patient management, medical documentation as well as therapy for cancer and AIDS patients.

Dermatological Skin care

At esthetic colleges you are sure to gain an insight into dermatologic disorders, medical and esthetics therapy as well as of roles and responsibilities as an esthetician while studying dermatological skin care. You will also study about patient safety and injury protection.

You may also take esthetic courses including diagnosis and treatment methods of dermatological issues, prescription and Over the counter drugs for certain skin disorders and also acne management alongside cellular rejuvenation and therapy to provide relief from allergies and inflammatory disorders, photosensitivity and pre- cancers of skin among others.

Menopause and Hormonal Dysfunction

You know puberty returns again at Menopause with what menopause does to your skin? As an esthetician, you will be required to work for skin care management of those suffering from skin disorders caused by menopause or hormonal dysfunctions. They will not just teach you of causes and effects of menopause and certain hormones but also of an appropriate way to deal with it.

At esthetic school, you may even take courses that help balance the psychological and physiological impact of aging, of ethnicity and heredity, effects of free radicals, environmental conditions, sources and effects of hormones, hormonal replace therapy, adult acne therapy, dietary health management, therapeutic facials and collagen fiber skin treatment among others.

Appearance Counselling

One of the major functions of the trained esthetican is to also provide appearance counselling to patients who are dissatisfied with how they look including the basics like texture, shape, colour of their skin to even serious psychological implication they may be facing due to their dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Not only to the esthetic coursework include psychology of appearance but also that of style and fashion, international esthetics preferences, camouflaging body irregularities, fashion principles, colour theory as well and management and makeup techniques to help the person be better adjustable to their own skin. It is thus in an esthetician to make a person realize how beautiful they truly are.