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Essential accessories for your first office

Moving into your first office can be a seriously exciting prospect.  After all, how many other people get to choose what their working environment looks like?  In addition to the obvious (a computer, a desk, drawers, etc), there are a number of different accessories that we think are essential to a working environment in 2014.  Here they are:

A tablet or two

To the modern businessman, a tablet is a seriously sound investment.  As well as offering the ability to conduct research whilst on the move, most modern models have the ability to help pitch in with presentations, organise projects and even simply function as a word processor.  In particular, a number of Lenovo laptop tablets combine a fully useable keyboard with the ability to detach the screen and then use it as a standard tablet. With many models available at seriously good prices, there’s no reason to not invest in one.

A coffee machine

There can’t be many businesses out there that weren’t built on coffee in some capacity or another!  These days, high quality coffee machines from the like of Bosch and Nespresso can be found for relatively little money, all of them offering the ability to enjoy a wide range of different hot drinks.  All without having to pay the wages of a genuine barista!  There are few better ways to start off the day than by chugging back a beautifully smooth latte or a wincingly strong Americano.

A decent camera

This might seem like an odd addition to some offices but purchasing a good video and static camera unit is actually very sensible.  Put simply, it optimises the company’s ability to create their own marketing materials. Whether it’s taking shots of the staff for use in their company biography or recording videos of the products in action, having video and photographic documentation of the company is an excellent way to make a good impression to both future employees and potential customers.  Visual content also remains a positive way to improve search engine performance in terms of the company website, which is never a bad thing.

A high quality printer and scanner

Whilst a great deal of modern business documentation is written, sent and received digitally, there remain several situations where nothing less than printed paper will do.  Reading and double-checking documents to ensure errors are removed is far easier on paper, as is reading any extended articles or e-books.  It’s also a good idea to be able to print off and take along documentation to sales pitches and other meetings, where it might not be practical to have everyone crowded around a small tablet screen.  Needless to say, it can also be essential to scan in financial documents that may need to be referred to at the end of the financial year.  Any company that is complicated enough to warrant a full filing system will usually have at least some materials that they’ve received on paper that need to be recorded (contracts are a great example of this).