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E-Smoking Etiquette: Puffing in Public the years, there have been a number of initiatives put in place in an attempt to deter people from smoking. The one which had the most impact was the smoking ban which was brought in in 2007 and meant that smoking was only permitted outdoors as opposed to the pubs, clubs and restaurants where smoking most commonly took place. Protecting those who did not smoke was at the heart of the initiative whilst hoping to reduce the number of smokers as restrictions surrounding the habit began to get stricter. Five years after the ban was enforced, 78% of people including smokers still support it with most people claiming they prefer being in a smoke free environment.

The smoking ban has certainly been effective and its implementation has encouraged 30% of smokers to give up cigarettes, using alternative methods to satisfy cravings and fulfil habits such as having something to hold which is developed through smoking. E-cigarettes and Shishas from companies such as Shishee are just a few of the tools used in the fight to beat the smoking habit. If things continue the way they have been in recent years then the number of smokers could be halved within 20 years with the ultimate goal to wipe out the habit completely.

Offering an Alternative

There is far more emphasis on smoking and the health risks that it poses, and with this comes a range of products that are designed to take the place of cigarettes that do not have negative effects on health.Those that are looking to quit, or have already done so have used electronic cigarettes to keep the cravings at bay and ecig sales are set to top £1 billion this year as they become the latest trend.

Technology is the Answer

The electronic cigarettes contain a small amount of liquid nicotine, which makes them the perfect aid to stop the smoking habit. The nicotine fulfils the craving whilst weaning a person off the drug. The cigarette device also emits water vapour and its appearance is almost identical to that of a real cigarette to trick the brain into believing its cravings are being satisfied.

One of the many benefits to an electronic cigarette is the fact they can be used in public places. Unlike cigarettes they do not give off any harmful substances but there is a recommended etiquette whilst out in public.

Puffing in Public

Although they are deemed acceptable it is often to wise to consider the environment and situation you are in before using the electronic cigarette as although they are harmless, some people may still be offended by the smoke which emits from the device.

image2Some people are still unsure about the health effects of the electronic cigarette and would rather not come into contact with one, something which users must be considerate of.

The electronic cigarette, as predicted, has started to evolve with products of a similar nature coming onto the market.

Natural Evolvement

The latest item to capitalise on the latest trend is the shisha, a popular thing for some time; it now comes in electronic form with the added benefit of containing no harmful substances just fruit flavours. They too can be used indoors at personal and situational discretion.

The shisha is the perfect tool for those that no longer crave nicotine but do miss the habit of holding something in the hand. The trend began in nightclubs across London and is quickly spreading…

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