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How Equine Lawyers Help with Your Business

http://media.wideinfo.org//2014/06/pa_0511.jpgHorse breeders and other professionals involved in the equine business can benefit a lot from knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who understand the industry. Equine law groups such as Catanese and Wells can assist business owners in anything related to the horse industry, from simple lease agreements to complicated equine real estate matters.

Understanding the principles of horse-related matters under the law is important in protecting your business, which is why you will need the services of professionals. Take note that not just any lawyer will do; the lawyer needs to have experience and knowledge in equine law to help you avoid any legal mistakes that many other horse owners or breeders make.

The areas covered by the law pertaining to horsesinclude lease agreements, equine insurance claims, breeding contracts, equine real estate and ranch matters, syndication agreements, installment sale agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and corporations and partnerships related to the horse industry.

Here are just some of the legal issues equine lawyers can help you with:

Knowing and understanding the requirements of the equine activity liability act that apply to your business. If you own a public horseback riding park or trail, you are subject to comply with the requirements of the equine activity liability act, such as posting warning signs on the area where the horseback riding activity occurs. If you fail to comply, you lose the benefit of the statute.

Securing the proper liability insurance for your business.A homeowner’s liability insurance is not enough to protect you if ever something goes wrong—you may also need business insurance depending on your business, such as an equine professional liability insurance or a commercial general liability insurance. Insurance can be expensive, but if something unfortunate happens in the future, you’ll end up spending more. Your lawyer can help explain the different kinds of insurance you may need so you can check out the policies offered by insurance agents.

Setting up a new business that involves horse activities. Setting up a business involves a number of factors, such as the ownership type—is it a non-profit corporation or not? When you involve horses in your business, you will also be dealing with the equine law, and you have to be prepared for events or incidents that are not in your control. For example, if you are setting up a horse training facility, you should consider the risk of injury to your trainers, and the lawsuit that may follow. If you are hiring riding instructors, you have to consider what their contracts will contain. Lawyers can help you with all of these matters to make sure your business follows the regulations of the equine law, and protect your business if you get sued.

Fine-tuning lease agreements. Equine lawyers can draft new lease agreements and go over existing ones, including those for horses, pastures, barns, and other facilities to make sure that when disputes occur, the law will be on your side.

Engaging the services of an experienced and knowledgeable equine lawyer can help you make sure you are doing your business legally. By having fine-tuned contracts and lease agreements, you can also avoid time-consuming and expensive lawsuits that can disrupt your business.