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Enjoy your trip to Paris with the ambiance of its hotel services

Whenever you visit Paris it’s very important to visit the places that are historical and relate to the different history. And simultaneously it is even important to prove your stay at the place and that is possible with the stay at hotel prince de Contithat is quite elegant with its ambiance and treatment to the visitors who visit the city of Paris. This hotel is located in a calm place between the boulevard saint German and the river seine and is reported to have opened up in the 17th century on the site of the family home of the price de Conti and is named accordingly.

Expedition to the history through a stay at hotel prince de Conti:-

It is an administration of the French government charged with issuing coins as well as producing medals. It’s a museum in its former foundry. The reception of this hotel is always ready to receive its guests and is open day and night, near to that is a lounge where guest are welcome to sit and even wait for the taxi’s and cab. There they are provided with books, magazines and newspapers of local and international press. There is a salon that looks after the beauty treatments and this hotel is also housed with a precious antique collection in the cabinet where you can even sit on the comfortable armchair and will feel the history as a part of your life for the time.

There are even fine bronze sculptures that are not found in any other hotels like that of hotelles jardins du Luxembourgthat is figured with the modernity and is not so much related to the history. The rooms here are spacious in the hotel prince de Contiand its central location means just by walking outdoor you will feel getting in to the time machine which will take you infused to the immediate sense of history and culture. This is even bounded with the fashion houses that are most significant shopping houses in the city.

Facilities and services:-

Here at hotel prince de Conti, the breakfast is served between 7.30 am to 11.00 am with a reasonable rate and even can be taken to the bedroom as per the wish of the client. The breakfast room is located on the lower ground floor and receives natural lighting from a well of light and the ancient walls that are a part of the original stone wall that has been built by th eking in the 13th century on the left bank will take you to the 13th century and bloom its story. There are lights and mirrors fixed up to emphasize a feeling of light and space.

And even there is a supply of tea and coffee on demand to the room through room service. There are wide ranges of buffet that will provide you with the breakfast of your choice. There are rooms of classic, superior and deluxe styles that are different and unique among themselves with their style and elegance. But in the hotel les jardins du Luxembourg, the dining area is with the wood and carvings are mostly on wood that least talk about the history. These services are quite different from each other and define their own dignity and serenity with uniqueness as well.