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Enjoy the comfort of your car, let us DriveU

Picture this: You reach your destination without disturbance, having spent some peaceful time catching up on your reading, smoothly passing through the chaos outside your car. Does this sound too far-fetched? If you are used to arriving in a dishevelled manner, still irritated after fighting your way through bad traffic, and in no mood to socialise, let DriveU change that for you.

DriveU promises to do exactly what its name says – it will drive you to your destination, in the comfort of your own car. A new app-based service offering a driver on hire, DriveU is making its presence felt, one city at a time.

When you need some quality time

A survey about driving habits conducted by Ford Motor Company in 2015 showed that close to 50% of people who drive to work spend well over 100 minutes behind the wheel every day. In fact, 14% of the respondents drive close to 3 hours every day! One is bound to be dog-tired at the end of each trip, and it just seems like a waste of time if there’s some more driving to be done.

Spend some quality time during your journey as a driver drives you – read a book, talk with your family, call those friends you haven’t contacted in years, or finish up that urgent project you need for work! The same survey did, after all, show that 56% of the respondents admitted to making or taking calls while driving.

Traffic equals stress

When there’s a wedding reception you can’t miss after a long day of work, the thought of manoeuvring your way through traffic grinding along in slow confusion is enough to make you want to scream. At times like these, you wish someone else did the driving.

DriveU takes the stress of driving on India’s urban roads out of your hands and gives you more time to catch up on other priorities or find a much-needed break, by sitting in the backseat for a change. Catering to a growing demand for professional drivers for hire, DriveU has started services in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore with plans for expansion.

An added stress is the possibility of accidents – one-third of people who drive are constantly worried about hitting pedestrians, according to the above survey. Ridding your mind of anxiety as you relax during your much-needed break can do wonders for your health on the long run!

Choosing DriveU – The driver is waiting

With DriveU (available on the Android Play Store), private car owners can request for a driver through the app. Set your location and time, and the app assigns a driver. You can track your assigned driver in real-time. Once the driver arrives, all you have to do is hand over you keys and get driven to your destination! At the end of the trip, you can opt between a cash payment or a cashless transaction that is facilitated by the DriveU app.

Positioning itself as a driver agency that caters to the growing standards that most tech-enabled users demand today, DriveU’s innovative driver-on-demand service also provides an opportunity for drivers who do not own their vehicles to engage themselves and earn a living.

On demand drivers with value and trust

Taking the usual profile of a driver agency into the app age, DriveU also adds more services to its core offering. The DriveU driver can get your car refuelled, washed and get other basic services done, saving precious time for you. DriveU’s personnel are also trained with the soft skills required for the job.

A full-time driver might not be what you need and can also be quite expensive to maintain. Now, you can hire a driver on an hourly basis making DriveU perfectly balance your convenience and chauffeur expenses.

Begin the journey

Combining good research and innovative technology, DriveU has addressed a problem many car owners face, reducing stress and creating time for its users. Sit back and relax! After all, as the saying goes, it’s the journey, and not the destination, that matters!