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English Dubbed Anime: Some Facts

Anime refers to Western Animation that had started in Japan in the year 1917 and has been gaining popularity since the last 40 years. At present there are quite a few anime with shows being conducted worldwide in several languages. Dubbed Anime, on the other hand, means that Japanese productions are dubbed primarily in Western terminology. Anime can easily be described as an art that juxtaposes vibrant artwork, amusing characters as well as delightful stories.

Today within the scope of this post we will discuss variant aspects of English Dubbed Anime- how it has bolstered the popularity of Western anime, why is it being criticized, and why people are particularly fond of watching English Dubbed Anime.

English Dubbed Anime

English Dubbed Anime is popular in the West primarily as most of the countries speak English. These shows are conducted on stage across various parts of globe, while there are cartoon shows that employ the similar art style (used in Anime) and characters. You can watch them online.

As an ardent admirer of these shows you can even engage yourself with popular forums or Social Media dedicated particularly to these shows. You can discuss your favorite pieces with other fans and gain more insights in to it. Look around to find the complete network of Anime sites.

The genre wise division of Anime is given below:

  • Horror
  • Adventure or Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • Drama
  • Progressive (often described as fashionable Art Film)

There are many English Dubbed Anime voice actors out there but most of them fail to find a chance owing to the popularity of Subbed Anime.


Needless to mention, that English Dubbed Anime entails the use of English speaking voice actors. They have often received flak on grounds that they do not sound typically like that of their Japanese counterparts. Out of the thousand Anime out there, only a couple of hundred or so have been licensed by English Dubbing Companies and even among the licensed ones very few have attained success. The employment of artists without feelings or emotions in their voices has acted as one of the major shortcomings of English Dubbed Anime. There is part of audience who clearly claim that dubbing the Japanese productions in to English takes much away from the feelings of the actual characters. There are, however, others who still prefer watching the dubbed versions over subbed anime since they feel that the subwoofer titles on screen act as real let-down as there are serious chances of missing out on the landscape while concentrating too much on the titles.

The English Subbed Anime is primarily preferred as it is believed that it is closer to straight translations. The studios or Licensors, while working on the dubbed versions often make the speech more Westernized in a bid to comply with the tastes of the Western English speaking audience. At the end of the day, it can be said that both the versions have their different sets of loyal audience

The English Anime has also been criticized for their short length as well.