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Where is Energy lost in your home? Problems and Solutions


Energy loss is a huge issue in the modern British home, both in terms of rising carbon emissions and the spiralling cost of living. This is likely to have a debilitating impact on society as a whole, as the typical household struggles to repay its monthly bills while it also contributes to a declining natural environment. Tackling these issues is challenging, but fortunately there are a number of innovative and relatively affordable steps that can help to create a more energy efficient home.

The key is to first identify where energy is lost in your home, before identifying a series of viable solutions.

Mind the Gap: Eliminate Drafts and Cracks

Incredibly, an estimated 20% of all household energy is lost through drafts, spaces and cracks around the home. Similar to the concept of ‘death by a thousand cuts, this bleeds the energy from your home and emits unnecessary carbon into the environment. It also sends your energy bill spiralling, so you should be proactive when looking to identify these gaps and repairing them. Draft excluders and Polyfilla can be purchased for next to nothing, and the provide a breathtakingly simple problem to a surprisingly costly issue.

Minimise Heat Loss: Insulate your Attic

All new-build homes have in-built insulation as standard, but older properties are often left at the mercy of heat and energy loss. This is most common from the roof, as heat tends to rise and then escape through cracks and poorly insulated walls. By taking the step to insulate your loft space and roof, you can therefore reduce heat loss considerably and create a more energy efficient property. This will drive down costs and also eliminate harmful carbon emissions.

Monitor Electrical Gadgets and Appliances: Think Smart

According to Property Rescue, laptops use 85% less electricity over a year than desktop computers and offer a far more energy efficient solution to your technological needs. This is a significant difference, and it highlights how smart and informed choices can go a long way towards reducing energy emissions and the monthly cost of living. Simply by selecting smart or Eco-rated gadgets and appliances, you can have a positive impact on your carbon footprint and establish a more energy efficient home. These small and seemingly insignificant changes are often crucial to achieving your Eco goals.

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