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Innovative Types of Employee Time Clocks

The concept of tracking employee’s work hours has come a long way from the days of manual time cards or hole punch machines. Today’s employee time clocks are able to give precise measurements of when employees came into and left work along with other features that can help businesses improve worker productivity. They also make it virtually impossible for employees to commit fraud by claiming hours they didn’t work.

Here’s a brief look at some of the recent innovations in employee time clocks created by forward-thinking companies such as Allied Time:

Web-Based Time Clocks
Time clocks are just one of many business elements that are moving online. Companies are increasingly taking their timekeeping to the cloud as they become more comfortable with security and familiar with the benefits. Using a time clock online allows employees to clock in a variety of ways including with a smartphone or tablet, can be updated instantly as new software is available and offers immediate scalability to grow as a company expands.

Biometric Time Clocks
When companies want absolute assurances that the right person is clocking in and out, biometric time clocks are the way to go. Using features unique to a person eliminates the ability for a co-worker to clock them in or out when they are actually not on the job. There are a variety of biometric time clocks available on the market. Some of the most popular models scan fingerprints, hands and facial features. These methods are also very fast and can allow employees to clock in and out within a few seconds.

RFID Time Clocks
Also known as proximity time clocks, these clocks use RFID technology to clock a person in or out when they are near the time clock. All they need to do is wave a badge or other item with the correct RFID chip near the time clock. The machine automatically recognizes the RFID and matches it to an employee. This method of tracking employee hours is extremely efficient and also highly sanitary. Since employees never have to touch the machine, it eliminates the possibility of flus, colds and other illnesses being spread through your company.