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Email Communications- The Good, The Bad, And The Annoying

Email is a great way to communicate, for individuals and businesses alike. It takes away the time spent on the phone, waiting on hold. It tends to make life easier, until someone doesn’t return your email in a prompt manner.

Many people may not even think about proper etiquette when it comes to email, but it is definitely an important thing, especially when it comes to businesses, or simply looking professional. You don’t want to wait a week to reply to a job email, the job will no longer be there.

Reply Promptly

If you can reply to an email immediately, why wouldn’t you? In an ideal world this would be what people do. Especially with smartphones in your hands all day, you are reading your emails far more often.

At the least, you should respond to emails within 24 hours, business or friendly. If you can respond sooner, do it. It your response takes some study and research, it may take you longer, but with an explanation, the person the delayed response reaches should be understanding.

Watch Your Wording

One of the downfalls of email over actually speaking to someone is that certain things can sound sarcastic or even mean when they aren’t meant to be. It’s important to mind your wording, but you also don’t want to be overusing things like exclamation points in your business messages while trying to get a point across (it looks unprofessional).

Emoticons are also not professional and should never be used in a business email, not matter how afraid you are that sentence sounds rude or sarcastic. That silly smiley face will just make you look like a child sitting in a big kids chair.


Spellcheck everything you send before you send it. It’s easy to accidently put in a wrong word, especially if your mind is on something else while you are typing. Spellcheck may save you from some great embarrassment.

It can also help to take a minute and actually read your email outloud. This way you can see how the tone sounds and spot mistakes much easier.

Leave Out The Leet Speak

When you are sending emails of a business manner, please do not use leet speak. You are a business professional, not a hacker. You have time to properly spell out words and make your email look professional. It is a great way to make people respect you, and leet speak is a gr8t way to lose that respect.

It just looks wrong in a professional email, and comes across as lazy or childish. This goes for your social media messaging as well. Be professional, use your words.

Emailing is supposed to be the easy way to communicate. Keep it easy by writing smart and professionally and replying in a timely manner.