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Eight Must-Have Attributes of Any Employee

Do You Really Want the Job?

Business owners of any size company in any industry know that a company is only as good as the employees it has hired.

When you apply for a job, and are called for an interview, the person doing the hiring will likely hire you based upon your skills relevant to the job but they will usually take into account other more general attributes.

Good companies know that these general characteristics if demonstrated at interview stage, will likely carry over into your job performance; after all the smartest companies employ only the best people.

There are numerous attributes that can carry weight in being recruited and some will mean more to others depending on the role, so use this list as a general guide.

1. A Winning Personality

Personality is crucial.

Carry into any meeting a charismatic personality, a contagious attitude, and a smile and you can go far.

This type of friendly character can create a high likability factor between you, fellow employees, and management and is a highly desirable trait in a potential employee.

To understand if you are likeable, potential employers may ask you questions like, “Do you believe you are going to enjoy working at this company, and are you going to be someone that other employees and managers enjoy working with?” – obviously everyone responds positively to this sort of question but the truth is can you pull it off?

Having the right smile, eye contact and a pleasant manner might be enough to get you a seat on a bus but job interviews are more challenging so be prepared to have to go the extra mile!

Why not try this short likeability test to see if you really cut it as a super friendly likeable person?

2.  Intelligence versus Common Sense

While your intelligence, gained through good high school and demonstrated by college grades bear some weight on your getting your job, these benchmarks mean nothing if you have no common sense.

It takes common sense to be able to deal with people, prioritise, manage your time and to deal with stress that comes to you from all directions on the job.

Intelligence is useful for multi-tasking, reasoning things through and performing quality work.

Demonstrate you can have both types of mental strength and you’ll impress at work.

3.  Ambitiousness

You must show that you have ambitions and goals for your future. Your employer will be looking to you to help drive the business forwards.

Displaying enthusiasm for the targets the business has set, as well as pursuing knowledge though higher education will be noted.

4.  Leadership

No company manager or boss likes to hold an employee’s hand, acting as a constant guiding force.

But, let’s face it; not everyone is born to be a leader. However, taking initiative when doing your job shows that you may have potential to be given more responsibility.

Ultimately you may not be then next president but bosses like it if employees have a mind to think for themselves and act with common sense so do your best.

5.  Self-Confidence

Showing self-confidence and pushing your own ideas can often place you in a good light with managers.

Additionally, if you have success with leading other employees, this only stands to reinforce your reputation as someone with self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a key trait and, combined with other skills, will propel you to the top.

6.  Good Delegator

Being conscientious about your work is always good because employers can trust that you will always complete a job.

However, never think that you can do it all by yourself because you think “no one can do it better than you”.

Knowing how to delegate portions of projects effectively, giving excellent directives to other employees and offering praise when earned is a sought after trait. Begin by allowing a colleague to do a minor task first, then work your way up to more challenging jobs.

Soon you’ll be managing the business!

7.  Positivity

Come to work feeling refreshed, with new energy, showing a thirst for positive action and communication.

Are you going to see the positive characteristics in others around you, or are you going to tend to complain about everything and everyone?

Make sure it is the former and you will find that your attitude is infectious and maybe even cheer up the boss. J

8.  Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

Honesty is imperative in all job settings.

If you do not possess integrity, honesty, and display a certain amount of transparency, your acceptance by anyone in the company or the clients they serve will fail.

Nobody likes a slimy, dishonest, back stabber – not even the boss you are sucking up to, so stay away from any underhand plans even if instigated by superiors.

Be upright, honest and sincere in your dealings and you will be clear of any trouble throughout your career.