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Effective Tools for Selling eBooks and PDFs

Many authors work on their idea of the great American novel for years only to submit it to a big-name publisher, have it rejected, and thinking they will never be a successful writer, they put it in a drawer to collect dust. In today’s high-tech world, there’s no reason why you can’t share your creation with the world, quickly and easily. Many sites offer authors easy-to-use tools to help them get their work out there with minimal fuss and out-of-pocket expense. Using these tools and ecommerce discussion & trends will allow you to reach readers worldwide in a very short amount of time.

Send Owl

One of the most widely-used apps on the Web today is Send Owl. Send Owl is a way for you to create and format digital products in a secure way, in as many different languages as you want. It includes features like PayPal, PayMill, SagePay, or Stripe integration, allowing you to collect your money immediately, and Send Owl never takes a cut of the money that is rightfully yours. You can set up your eBook or PDF file to be capable of being purchased and downloaded immediately, instead of adding it to a shopping cart, and you can quickly offer discounts and other promotions on your product. Not only will Send Owl allow you to sell eBooks and PDFs, you can also sell software, license keys, comics, magazines, and more.  By visiting the Send Owl website, you can take a tour of the product and explore the intuitive account management tools the site has to offer. The trial is free, and for $39 per month, you can have all the features and benefits you need to begin making money from your digital creation.

Digital Download

Digital Download is an app that is free, reliable, and easy to use. It offers features like automatic updating, instant customer access to your product, and an intuitive interface that even a novice can master in no time. To use Digital Download, simply upload your file, up to 5GB in size, and let the app do the rest for you. Unlike many other software applications, Digital Download is and always will be free. It lacks some of the features of Send Owl, but for those looking for a simple app, you can’t beat Digital Download. Besides using it for eBooks and PDFs, this app can also be used to sell videos, music, and other types of digital content.

Sky Pilot

Sky Pilot is an app that allows users to quickly upload digital content to the site as well as add multiple files to a product for easy customer access. You can easily add streaming or downloadable files to your site, and your customers will have a link to your product emailed directly to them as well as seeing a link to your downloadable product displayed on the page. They can quickly download their copy of your eBook or PDF as well as see the files associated with their past orders. Prices range from a free trial of up to 5MB per month to a $50 plan which allows you to upload up to 25GB per month. Larger plans are available upon request.

The days of waiting until a publisher is interested in your book are long gone. Today’s world of self-publishing and self-marketing are becoming the norm rather than the exception and apps such as those listed above make taking your work to the next level fast, reliable, and profitable. Don’t wait to get your novel, PDF or other digital media out into the world for people to enjoy. With these tools, you too can be a successful author.