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Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Tips

On hot summer days, you usually depend on your air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable and cool. Using air climate control and smart cooling practices don’t just provide you with greater home comfort, but will also show an improvement in the eco-friendliness of your home and lifestyle too. There are a number of ways you can take advantage of a cool home environment while using your AC without requiring excessive use of energy. Keep reading to find a few easy and simple eco-friendly tips that you can use in the summer season:

Air Seal your Home

Air sealing preventing the air exchange between the air in your home and outside. You have to maintain an enclosed indoor environment in order to ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t have to do more work than necessary for keeping your home cool. Although ventilation is required for good quality of indoor air, the ventilation provided by your home’s roof ventilation system can be quite sufficient. This means that during the hot summer days, you shouldn’t open your windows and doors for catching the breeze and keep them closed at all times. If you prefer the comfort of moving air, you can use an overhead fan, which will give a boost to your AC’s cooling capacity. It will be easier for your air conditioner to cool your home without using much energy if the indoor temperature remains stable.

Maintain a Consistent Temperature

It doesn’t take much effort on the part of your air conditioner to provide home comfort if a consistent temperature is maintained inside. This means that in the summer season, you should reduce the number of heat sources in and around your home. You can keep your home cooler when you reduce solar heating by landscaping to block incident sunlight or using curtains. You can also reduce the heat from your stove by cooking indoors in the microwave or outside on the grill. On milder days or early in the season, don’t let your house get stiflingly hot before turning on your AC because the air conditioner will have to work harder for lowering the room temperature. Furthermore, the air conditioner takes more energy in starting up than it does to keep it running.

Install a Two-Stage System

You should get a two-stage system when you are replacing your air conditioner. The single stage AC systems operate at only one speed and provide more cooling than necessary whereby increasing the energy costs of cooling the house. In contrast, a two-stage system uses a two-speed compressor, which can adjust to the cooling needs depending on the outside temperature and the temperature you wish to maintain inside. As a matter of fact, most two-stage systems run at lower speeds 80% of the time, but can switch easily to a greater speed when extra cooling is required. This reduces the overall energy used by the air conditioner.

You can also consult your trusty Air conditioning maintenance specialists, such as to ask them about eco-friendly air climate control.