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Easeus Data recovery review : Say Goodbye to Loosing Files !


There are dozens of free data recovery software available for windows PC users. The long list also includes EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software is capable of supporting tasks such as complete recovery of partitions and data. EaseUS provides two versions – free and paid one. The only thing that I hate about the free version is that you can only recover data up to 2gb if you aren’t using pro version.

Now, one cool feature in the data recovery software is that it reminds you while installing that you shouldn’t install this in same drive from where you want to recover data. Quite important because while installing you might overwrite some deleted data which might make it unrecoverable. As a pro tip, I’d like to recommend that you arrange an external drive or some storage media in order to store your recovered media.

If all you deleted are your excel spreadsheets, word documents or some presentations, it won’t be a problem. But, if you plan to recover a complete drive, then certainly you are going to need a lot of space.

EaseUS Data recovery Introduction

Once you start the software interface, you are presented with 3 main options – Complete recovery, partition recovery, and deleted file recovery.

Deleted file recovery


The first module was made to recover individual files only. This includes small files and folders that might have been deleted accidently in past. Also, you should keep in mind that deletion doesn’t mean that it was user initiated, it can also be a terrible freeze or crash that made data or file corrupt.

Also, you can undelete your files if you are still able to use your file system i.e. if it isn’t broken yet. Also, the rest of recovery options are for those situations where your file system is either damaged or broken.


Also, make sure that you install this free data recovery software as soon as you lost your files. The reason behind is, files are capable of getting recovered quickly if they haven’t been overwritten by new data. This is precisely why you can recover newly deleted files easily while those who’ve been deleted far behind in past are hard to recover.

When you run the software, it scans the drives which are connected and then displays them over at drive overview section. In this section, you can make selections as of which drive to recover data from. The wizard scans your storage device and displays files which can be recovered.

One thing I like about this data recovery software is that it displays the files and folders in a file explorer look. If you remember your file name or at least a part of it, you can also use the search feature to find it easily.

Users can select files through checkmarks, and for the user convenience, the software also has a preview option for images and documents. Preview option makes it quite easy for you to verify whether it’s the right file and in intact condition.

Then comes the last step when you need to configure the location where you want to recover the required files. After configuration, the files are restored to the desired location. You can also go back to recover some more files from listing.

Complete recovery


Sometimes the drive isn’t accessible at all! The complete recovery solution has been made for those situations in this free data recovery software. Things like this usually happen after accidental formatting, corruption or a hard disk crash. The whole thing is a little bit different from the procedure used above.

The first screen shows the hard disks which are connected and then users are asked to select up the disk image with which they want to continue. After the selection,EaseUS searches for details such as boot records, partition tables, folders and much more.

After this, a list of partitions shows up that displays all the partitions. Every partition is displayed along with stats such as storage size, folder and file and a suggestion that how likely this partition is the right one. However, it might be possible that you don’t see your drive here. If so, quit this and start the partition recovery option. You can only recover 4 partitions through complete recovery module in this data recovery software.

Partition Recovery



You’d need this module if the above one fails to find your partitions. The process is again quite similar, users are presented with a list of hard drivers and asked for a selection so that disk image and partitions can be scanned.


There are two limitations in the free version of this free data recovery software, first, you can’t recover more than 2Gb and second it doesn’t come up with boot media so that you can recover even if the computer isn’t booting up.

Although, this feature isn’t available in pro version either. It comes only in pro version along with bootable media and of course it is more expensive.

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