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Ease the ouch!

Ease the ouch!

Did shaving the bikini line not prove as worthy as you thought it to be? Read up on as Veethi Telang shares the do’s and don’ts of body hair removal.

Rip out the dead skin
Don’t let razor bumps and unsightly ingrown hairs force you into wearing jeans and long skirts. The most important step in the process of hair removal is to first exfoliate your skin. Use the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash that’s equipped with micro blue beads to help you get rid of dead skin cells. Rub the loofah in circular motion on the area to be shaved and rinse with cold water.

Do: Be extra gentle in your exfoliation. You don’t want to end up with bumps even before you’ve started shaving.

Don’t: If your skin is extra sensitive, don’t shave your skin right after exfoliation. Take a day off and shave the next day.

Shave the right ‘way’
Ever wondered why you ended up with baby hairs even though you shaved your skin to perfection? Well, it’s because the bikini area is so sensitive that improper or aggressive shaving often results in bumps. To counter that, notice the direction your hair has grown in and shave in the opposite direction. Don’t be too forceful while stroking the razor; lightly press it on your skin and stroke against the direction of hair growth.

Do: Apply some shower gel to lubricate your skin before you shave. This will soften your skin and ease the shaving process.

Don’t: Let your hair grow to a considerable length before you remove it. Don’t shave over razor bumps as it will only tear them open and cause irritation.

Moisturise your newly-shaved bikini line with Vaseline Total Moisture with Pure Cocoa Butter and Stratys-3. This wondrous lotion provides multi-layer moisture to your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long.