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DVDFab Video Converter Review

The other night I was searching for one good and ultimate video converter which could not only be able to convert videos from one format to other however additionally offer some other features like copying, rip and create videos all below identical roof. Initially through Google, the internet kept confusing me for a while but all of a sudden i reached a site offering a software called DVDFab. This software although not a freeware but came with a one month of trial pack which is free to download and use for that calculated time period.It’s certain that every good thing comes for a price and so is DVDFab video converter.

The software not only is able to convert videos but to my surprise it also allows the user to work with blu-ray dvd and like creating copying blu ray videos. It was presenting features more than I would have asked. It also came with a blu ray dvd ripper feature. All of its features one by one met and crossed my desires.

DVDFab Video Converter – Developer Description :

DVDFab Video Converter is the most full-featured and powerful video converter which can read almost all the popular video formats from Internet, digital camcorders, capture cards, etc., and convert video on your PC to various video/audio formats playable on various multimedia devices, with outstanding quality and very fast speed (newest NVIDIA CUDA, multi-core CPUs and batch conversion supported).
DVDFab Video Converter also provides multiple professional settings and options for you to edit according to your specific needs to create a fantastic output.

For evaluating any video converter software following points are to be specifically checked.

Input and output files: The software should be able to convert from common video formats to rarely used formats and vice versa without any barrier.

Features: Apart from converting videos from a huge range of video formats to a long list of such video formats, an ideal software should also offer its users to edit the videos and repackage those videos uniquely by the help of some editing tools to change the presentation of the videos in a very artistic way.

Easy to use: The software must be everyone’s cup of tea in the usage perspective. It must be lucid and should require no special training for using it. It must be simple and require no guess-works.

Help: This should be taken special care of as users with varying knowledge of technology might be using this converter and support for anything and everything should be made available for the end users to keep alive their interests within the software.

Let’s have a quick view of the features that DVDFab comes bundled with:

  • DVD ripper
  • Blu-ray dvd copier
  • Blu-ray ripper
  • Blu-ray to dvd converter
  • Video converters
  • 2D to 3D converter
  • DVD creator
  • Blu-ray creator
  • Decryptor


The DVDFab can decrypt the protected video within the dvd to let you keep a legal copy for your personal usage. More interestingly it can even remove the region code hooked up  to a video you just bought in some alien language and allows you to view it in your own video player in your native language in.

DVDFab Video Converter Quick Review :

dvd converter

DVDFab Video Converter Setup: After a free download of the installation file of DVDFab Video Converter, double click on the .exe file, select your desired language as DVDFab Video Converter comes with various languages and complete the installation procedure with a bunch clicks on ‘next’ button and check on the checkbox  to create a shortcut icon for DVDFab Video Converter on the desktop. This will help you in initiating the program with a double click from your desktop. After completely install this software you need to restart your PC.

When you are done with the installation double click on the program icon to start it and select the trial version to start. Another sensible feature that you will realise in DVDFab is that unlike any other software, it provides a full functionality even in its trial versions. Sounds good isn’t it? So you can thoroughly check the heck out of its services and be sure if you really need this or not.

dvd new

System Requirement : The software requires only about 13MB of hard disk space to settle down and is compatible with several platforms such as Windows 7/ windows 8/ vista/XP/ MAC etc. The minimum technical requirement for DVDFab is a processor of Pentium II 500 MHz, RAM of 512Mb for blu ray at least and a disk space of 10GB. Moreover you are relieved of checking for up gradation of the software as it automatically detects latest release on its execution.

The DVDFab converter is meant to work in the following manner:

Upon clicking on the converter tab a nested window opens which asks the user to click on the browse button to select the desired video to convert or one can also drag and drop the files to convert.

dvd converter screen

Once selected, the file is being loaded and the next step is to choose the profile in which the video is to be converted.

dvd new screen

On selecting the profile a new tab displays the following window:

This window has five menu tabs namely ‘Recently’, ‘Device’, ‘3D device’, ‘Format’, ‘3D format’.

Recently: This tab displays all the recently used profiles in which the previous videos were converted.

Device: This is one new manifestation and a fresh concept of letting the users to select the conversion profile according to specific device. This helps in overcoming situations when a converted video doesn’t run within your mobile device. Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola are some well known device offered.

dvd new screen2

3D device: Now if you own a 3D capable device then this is for you. It enables the user to convert any video to a 3D video format.


Format:  This further provides more converting profiles in audio, mkv, flv , avi and many more other to audio profiles like aac, wav, wma and mp3.

3D Format: This is the whole 3D audio profile category which allows converting videos from well known formats like avi, mkv, mp4 and wmv to mp3 and ac3 but in 3D sound category.

dvd 5

After choosing the desired profile to which the videos are to be converted then click on ‘Ok’ to confirm the same. This confirms the profile and gets the software ready for execution. The START button in the right bottom corner initiates the conversion.

The ‘summary’ tab in the right hand pane displays the whole execution statistics. Again the ‘Preview’ tab displays the video or the audio output as well as input file.

dvd 6

The main window displays the running statistics of the current file in execution. The converted file is saved in the destination as mentioned in the ‘Save to’ field.

The merits: The software is exceptionally brilliant in its performance with impressive quality of output. The flexibility and number of choices are mention-worthy.

Demerits: Not specifically a demerit to mention but the trial version comes with a bit annoying watermark alerts along with the output. In fact you’ll get obviate the watermark within the registered version.

Hence to conclude it’s great for the users looking for backing up their movie library or trying to copy from a scratched or partially damaged dvd to a new location or convert to any desired video or audio format.

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