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Drug Signs and Recovery

A drug addiction can derail your life and cripple your plans for the future. Many people start using harmless painkillers and find themselves in the midst of a full-blown addiction. Others use drugs for recreation and find that they need more and more of the drug to feel good, leading to a spiral of life-destroying drug addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, there are drug recovery centers such as First Steps Recovery that can help you to get your life back on track.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Some of the signs of drug addiction are obvious, while others are harder to spot. Many people neglect their appearance, going days or weeks without showering, grooming or changing clothes. They may stop eating, rapidly lose weight or develop strange eating patterns. Pursuit of the drug becomes all-consuming, robbing the person of the ability to make even the most basic daily decisions.

Less obvious signs may include withdrawing from friends, family and social situations. Many people with a drug addiction may have fractured romantic relationships that end in divorce or breakup. They may become violent and combative or undergo other unexpected personality changes. FInances may become destroyed as the person spends every penny on scoring more drugs instead of meeting his financial obligations.

Phases of Drug Detox

When a person is addicted to any substance, there are changes that take place in the brain. The body and brain is now dependent on the drug, and stopping the use of that drug can mean some painful and uncomfortable side effects. When a person decides to stop using drugs, the body takes drastic measures to force the person to start using again. These withdrawal symptoms may include chills, headache, nausea, body aches, hallucinations, seizures and depression. The person may become agitated and even violent. This makes it difficult for most people to quit using drugs “cold turkey,” and often requires the help of trained professionals.

The first phase of drug detox is evaluation. The medical team will take a history of your substance abuse to find out the extent of the situation. Your doctor will ask how long you have been using the drug and what physical effects it has on your body. This will help to determine the correct course of treatment and what measures your detox center will take to minimize the effects of withdrawal that you may experience.

The Stabilization Process

The second phase of the drug detox is the stabilization phase. During this phase, you will be gradually weaned from the drug. This is a slow process that requires ongoing monitoring from your medical team to ensure that there are no long-term effects. The team will do everything they can to minimize the discomfort from withdrawal. During this time, you may be given medication like methadone to gradually ease you off of the drugs in your system.

Follow Up and Recovery

The last phase of the detox process is the recovery period. During this time, you will be paired with a team of experts who help you to uncover the circumstances that lead to your drug abuse in the first place. If you became addicted to drugs after an injury or painful illness, your team will help you to find non-addicting alternatives. If your drug abuse stemmed from a life trauma, the team will provide you with counseling to help deal with these issues and find ways to cope with life circumstances.

Following your treatment, you will be assigned to a counselor who will help you transition back to normal life and avoid the situations that created the drug habit in the first place. This counselor will treat you with care, compassion and dignity in a non-judgmental environment that is tailored toward helping you to lead a happy and drug-free life.

First Steps Recovery is one of the most comprehensive drug detox centers in the region and in the state. With a team of doctors, nurses and counselors who are waiting to help you turn your life around, you will be well on your way to recovery in just a matter of weeks. No more do you have to fight alone against a crippling substance abuse problem. With your caring and compassionate team of detox experts, you will never feel alone in your fight to get clean and stay clean for life. If you are looking for a drug detox near Asbury Park NJ call us today and let us give you the support you need to win the battle against substance abuse.