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Dressing for Success: Know the Rules

These days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decipher how one should dress for success. If you’re a big guy, checking the different aisles in the big and tall men’s clothing section can still be a frustrating experience especially when you’re trying to find clothes that fit you and make you feel confident about yourself for an important business meeting or a job interview.

Before you start shopping for clothes that will make you look like a million dollars, it’s important to know a few simple rules. I’m not a fashion guru by any standards but I have worked for various companies and have held meetings with very important people over the last decade. I’m simply sharing the experiences I’ve had in relation to men’s fashion in the corporate world.

First, you need to know the dress code.

Whether you’re shopping for clothes that you can wear to a job interview or you just got hired and want to dress well for work, you need to find out what the dress code is at that company.

Match your clothes with the right accessories.

This means if you’re wearing black shoes, then your belt should be black too. Similarly, your belt and shoes should complement your pants. Wear a dress watch if you’re attending a formal event, and wear a sports watch or a semi-formal watch if the dress code is casual or semi-formal. Avoid wearing heavy and large jewelry (bling) because even if it costs tens of thousands of dollars, it certainly won’t reflect nicely on you in any formal or business gathering.

It’s better to be overdressed.

These days we see many successful men wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans to work (Mark Zuckerberg is just one example). But that doesn’t mean you can do the same. It’s always better to dress one step up. So if they wear jeans then wear khaki. If they wear a shirt, then wear a buttoned down polo.

It’s also how you wear it.

You may be wearing a $3,000 suit but if it doesn’t fit you properly, it won’t look expensive. The same goes for clothes that aren’t properly pressed, are mismatched or dirty. You need to pay attention even to the smallest detail so that you will look great in anything you wear.

Grooming is crucial.

Trim your nails, shave your facial hair, get a hair cut, and brush your teeth. We can’t stress this enough. It won’t matter what you wear. If you look unkempt, all your effort in trying to dress for success will be in vain.

A lot of men want to dress well because it gives a good impression on others. If you’re going to a meeting with a prospective client, you’ll exude confidence if you arrive in a crisp tailored suit rather than if you wore tattered jeans and a tee shirt. Keep in mind the tips we have provided above so you’ll always be dressed for success anytime, anywhere.