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Download Unofficial VLC Player For Android

VLC Media Player is open source project and is licensed under GPLv2 License, and Android is also open source but let me clear that VLC for Android not yet released. However, quite a lot of time has been passed but still VLC for Android is under development. But one of XDA Forum user adridu59 unofficial build a VLC for Android app. The user adridu59, was not a developer of the app, but he has build it using the VLC source code. Now the app is constantly updating by the developer and has released three more version of it, optimized for ARM 11, Cortex-A8/NEON and Cortex-A9 SOCs respectively.



Unofficial VLC for Android

This is an early unofficial version of VLC for Android and might things can go wrong. You should aware of things before using.

  1. Not officially supported by VLC.
  2. Gingerbread & ICS support.
  3. Pretty decent hardware acceleration support.
  4. Headset detection.
  5. Support for almost all media formats.

VLC for Android Screenshot


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