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Dota 2 tournament comes to an end as winning team takes home $1.4 million

Dota 2 tournament comes to an end

Valve’s International 3 tournament for Dota 2 has finally come to an end. Bagging the first prize award of a hefty $1,437,204 was Swedish team Alliance. Finishing second and getting the $632,370 award was Ukranian team Natus Vincere. Other teams to have received the rewards from the $2.8 million total prize pool include Orange, TongFu, Invictus Gaming, DK, Team Liquid and Fnatic. You can check out the games of the Grand Finals that pit Natus Vincere against Alliance on the official Dota 2 page.

The original prize pool for the International 3 tournament was $1.6 million. The Compendium was released in the Dota 2 in-game store in order to further promote the International 3. Valve crowdfunded the prize pool for the tournament by adding $2.50 for every Compendium that was bought. The Compendium also had some stretch goals for hitting certain numbers for the prize pool. Out of the seven stretch goals, six had been accomplished.

Alliance took home the prize

Alliance took home the prize

The International is a series of tournaments that have essentially become the biggest pro-gaming event for Dota 2. The first International saw Natus Vincere taking home the prize, while the second one saw Invictus Gaming winning. It is worth noting that despite only winning the first tournament, Natus Vincere has managed to make it to the Grand Finals for every International held so far.

Dota 2 is a MOBA-styled game developed by Valve and game veteran IceFrog. Matches in Dota 2 consist of two teams with five players each. Both teams must battle it out in the arena along three lanes. The aim of the game is to push past your opponent’s towers and eventually destroy his main stronghold, dubbed the Ancient. It is available for free on Steam.