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Done-in-a-Weekend Bathroom Makeovers

You do not have to go through the hassles of an entire bathroom remodel to enjoy the luxury of a new look bathroom. There are several things you can do in a day or two to makeover your dull and dingy bathroom.

Nice bathroom with natural stone tiles and wood cabinet.

Remove Clutter

With removing clutter, you will achieve great results without spending a cent. You need everything out of your cupboards and drawers, off counters as well as the vanity. Make it look like you are just moving in. Then find the most appropriate place to put your must-haves. The point here is to take away anything that is not essential.

Put Everything in Its Place

Once you have identified your must-haves, it’s time to decide what is needed to get them organized. Clear plastic boxes, drawer dividers, bins and clear cosmetic bags, are ideal for things out-of-sight. For the items that will remain on the counter, you can consider using decorative storage items that will enhance the décor.

More Towel Bars

With more towel bars in your bathroom, it will minimize dumping of used towels on the floor. If you have a free wall space, fix it there. Having a towel bar for each family member assures each person their towels are fresh and personal. You can consider fixing a bar over the toilet or behind the door. Ensure to place the bar in a way that the towels do not block the heating vents. You can find hotel-style towel racks in bath decorating or home improvement stores. The additional shelves they offer can display bright, thirsty towels.

A Small Piece of Furniture

Your bathroom may be small, but you can still find space for a small chest or shelf. For a large bathroom, you can utilize the storage space provided by the cupboard. A small chair would be ideal. Any piece of furniture, in a utilitarian bathroom, serves to soften space while enhancing style, color, and warmth.

Refresh the Floor

With a simple new bright rug, you can have a wonderful new look floor. For a badly worn floor, you can consider covering it with a do it yourself laminate or new tile.

Add Color

If you are a quick-witted and enthusiastic homeowner, you can consider repainting your bathroom in a weekend. Plan for the job in advance; with all the needed supplies. You must clean the walls and apply a de-glosser solution for the walls to be ready for the fresh paint.

The choice of paint color will depend on your desired style. Try to cut down costs by coordinating with the existing fabrics. If you decide to get new fabrics, pick colors you love, selected from any fabric that will be used in the room.

Brighten Up Things

There are several things you can do to brighten up your dark bathroom. If yours is a 3-light fixture, you can change it to a 5 or 7-light fixture to provide the extra light you need. You can also use a higher watt bulb – if the fixture will accommodate it. Furthermore, if there is nothing much you can do with the existing light fixture, you can consider replacing it with one that will allow for more light.

Bathroom makeover is one of the cost-effective and less-demanding ways to give your bathroom a new and more comfortable look. These tips are not exhaustive; there is a lot you can do to makeover your bathroom in one weekend. You can even seek advice from bathroom remodel professionals like Cornerstone Design & Remodel, to get the best out of your makeover project.

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