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Domains for Fable Legends registered by Microsoft

Domains for Fable Legends registered

With Microsoft’s next-gen console in the works, it looks like the company will be bringing out a new game in the Fable franchise as well. According to VG247, Microsoft has registered a couple of domains for “Fable Legends”. Going by the domain registration lookup tool, the company has regsitered and, with the registrant for both domains being listed as Microsoft Corporation’s Domain Administrator.

The domains seem to have been bought up back in March this year, and the records on file seem to have been last updated on August 16.

Hello Guv'nor!

A new sequel for the tongue-in-cheek Fable franchise?

Currently, the studio responsible for the franchise—Lionhead Studio—is working on a remake of the first game in the series: Fable Anniversary. The company was absorbed by Microsoft back in 2006 and has since been working on the (mostly) Xbox-exclusive Fable series.

Fable Anniversary is a tenth-anniversary re-release of the original Fable, which was launched back in 2004. The re-release will include the main game itself, as well as the extras from the Lost Chapters of the PC version of the game, which extended the storyline and added new content. The re-release will add new textures, models, animations, leaderboards and the option to use Fable 2’s control scheme.

Fable revolves around a stereotypical fairy tale of a boy who lost everything to bandit attacks and was forced to take up the mantle of the hero. Interestingly, the game features an in-depth morality system which not only alters dialogue options, but also changes how the character looks depending on whether he is good or bad. The morality option is also integrated into the magic system, where using certain spells makes him more evil or good.