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Do you Really Need the Latest Smartphone in your Pocket?

The first smartphone as we know it – Apple’s legendary iPhone – will turn 10 next year. The handset was quite controversial at the time, especially for those who have never used a PDA before. In time, it became the new norm, one of the most craved-after gadgets of all time. Today, there are over 2 billion smartphone owners out there, with their numbers estimated to grow exponentially over the coming years.

Smartphone makers are constantly rolling out fresh models – and smartphone owners are constantly buying new ones. According to a recent study, the average smartphone owner replaces his or her handset once every 11.5 months – this is especially true for iPhone owners, always craving to lay their hands on their favorite tech company’s latest handset. The quick replacement rate of smartphones does not mean that they are not functioning anymore – it shows only that smartphone owners are driven to always use the latest and greatest models released by their favorite manufacturers.

We know we want them. But do we need them?

Which smartphone app needs the most hardware resources? Before you start googling, here’s the answer: games. Not the simple but fun games you’ll find at Royal Vegas online casino, but those action-packed battle arenas and racing games developers love to release nowadays. And not even those need the latest hardware to run: most of the times, they will be just as smooth and enjoyable on last year’s flagship phone, or maybe a mid-range (or, horribile dictu, a decent entry-level) model.

The majority of mobile gamers don’t play such games anyway. Casual games like the ones you’ll find at the Royal Vegas have been shown by research to be most popular, even if they are not the most profitable titles out there. Simple games – puzzles, arcade games, “match 3” games, or casino games – no matter if they are the real thing the Royal Vegas has or social versions – are constantly among the most played titles of both major app marketplaces. While action games, MOBAs, MMOs, and other games (like Pokemon GO, for example) are the ones that gather the most dough for their publishers, they can’t compete with the Royal Vegas and the other providers of simple but addictive games, when it comes to the number of people playing them.

As you might expect, the simpler the game, the less resources it requires to run smoothly. Which leads us to the conclusion: as long as you don’t want to play a game with spectacular graphics that your current handset can’t handle, you won’t have to set aside a perfectly capable smartphone (or sell under its value) – you’re OK with your current handset – you don’t NEED to buy one. When it comes to what you WANT, in turn… well, that’s a completely different matter.

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