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Do you know the history of online casino?


Over the last couple of decades the Internet has reached the value of global significance and became an integral part of every single person’s life. We search and download tons of information daily, we do shopping, we communicate and we entertain ourselves by means of a World Wide Web. Using the net for providing different kinds of services has currently turned into a matter of prestige and decency. There’s no wonder in the fact so many casinos have been involved into online activities too. The history of their net integration began in 1990s and continues up to nowadays.

Preconditions for online gambling

It is known that the initial gambling sites appeared in the middle of 1990s. It all began with the very first act regulating this trend – the Free Trade and Processing Act. It was introduced by a small Caribbean country Antigua and Barbuda. The act granted licenses to those launching an online casino business.

Meanwhile, an important software developing company was formed, named Microgaming. This company was the first to introduce a revolutionary kind of software used in practically every online casino these days. The corporation is a living icon of creating a reliable and enjoyable by millions content.

Mass popularity of the trend

The further step for the online gambling wide popularity was establishment of the Kahnawake Gaming Comission in Canada in 1996. Most agree that the very first online casino appeared in this same year too and it received the name InterCasino. However, some resources state that Microgaming’s Gaming Club was the founder of the trend, which appeared in late 1995. The debates regarding who was the first continue up till nowadays, but either way, the mid 90s were the years of wonders. By the end of 1996 there already existed 15 online casino sites. In 1997 their number extended to 200.

The huge interest for Poker had led to introducing the Planet Poker in 1998, though the resource didn’t manage to arrange a technically correct operation of the site. Their failure passed the lead to other sites like Party Poker and Poker Stars. Those have later become two of the top online poker websites.

Evolution of gambling

As we see, the numbers of casino sites have started to grow exponentially since the very launch of online gambling. Their current number is simply innumerable and all provide specific bonuses in order to stay out of the crowd. One may say that the process of gambling evolution hasn’t stopped yet. On the contrary, it hits the stride since the audience always wants more. Considering this matter, the majority of online casinos offer to try their content for free, unveiling the large amount of no deposit required slots. Basically, anyone can play their games even though he has no money to bet at all. Eventually, this approach leads to even wider popularity of gambling in masses.