Digital Marketing Tips All Business Owners Need To Know

Without using digital marketing techniques, your business would struggle to succeed. This huge marketplace should be a crucial aspect of your business plan, regardless of what industry you’re in. If you’re new to digital marketing or aren’t sure how to get started, begin with these basic tips.

5 Digital Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Should Know - Mike Gingerich

Get support. Total newcomers to digital marketing will probably need some specialist support to ensure they’re making the most of this lucrative platform. An agency like Primal can help guide you through the process and ensure you see definite returns on your marketing investments. This will take the weight off of your shoulders, allowing you to get on with the hard work of running your business while leaving the often-complex digital work to the experts.


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Get your website right. Before you begin working on online advertisements, social media platforms, and SEO strategies, you’ll need your website to be the best it can be. Your website must be mobile-friendly, professional, modern, and useful to everyone who visits. Get your contact information posted and set up a blog that provides helpful information to your customers.

Engage with your audience. Engagement is key for any business, no matter how small. Use your website and social media pages to interact with your customers as much as possible and keep them clued in on all of the latest news in your industry. Respond quickly and clearly to your customers’ queries, complaints, and feedback. Even negative reviews should get a swift response to ensure that your brand’s reputation, both offline and online, remains solid.

Consider your content. Content is a valuable marketing tool, so use it wisely. Write posts that are engaging, authentic, and unique, and tailor what you post to suit your audience specifically. If your target customer is middle-aged and following your cooking blog, they probably won’t be interested in pop culture content that discusses the latest Kardashian crisis. Know your market and create content that they’ll want to click on.

Test everything. Part of understanding your market is testing your strategy to ensure you’re getting things right. Track the performance of your social media posts, blog articles, and online ads – this way, you’ll quickly understand exactly what works best for your business. If you see that a particular strategy isn’t paying off, don’t be afraid to get straight back to the drawing board.

Keep your tone consistent. Some brands struggle to maintain an authentic voice across their digital marketing platforms. If your Facebook page has one style and your website looks completely different, your brand identity will become as confused and chaotic. Maintain a consistent manner in everything you post, and make sure anyone working on your digital marketing campaign understands what the voice of your brand should sound like.

Use email marketing. While many businesses are hyper-focused on social media these days, email marketing is still a great tool, particularly for small businesses. Use email to send regular newsletters to your customers, invite them to relevant events, and send special deals to your valued subscribers. Give your readers a reason to keep opening up your emails, and you should see a significant return on your marketing investment.

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