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Digg Reader to go live for all users on June 26

Digg Reader to go live for all users on

Looks like Digg Reader will make its way to users before the end of Google Reader after all. The Digg team has announced that June 26 will be the day everyone gets access to the newest RSS aggregation tool from the company. That means Digg Reader just about make it in time for the July 1 deadline for Google Reader, giving users a few days to make that all-important switch.

Digg announced in a blog post that it will start rolling out the RSS service as soon as next week and all users should be able to get Digg Reader by June 26. The company said that it will be releasing the first version of the Reader for now, as part of the phased launch, which will see apps for the leading smartphone platforms as well.

Digg looks a lot like it's emulating Google Reader

Digg Reader looks like a polished Google Reader

This version of the Digg Reader has been built by a team of five in about three months and will understandably have limited functionality for now. Digg decided to concentrate on the power users of Google Reader with this version. “We asked ourselves who had most to lose from the shutdown of Google Reader, and the answer was fairly obvious: the power user, the people who depend on the availability, stability, and speed of Reader every day,” wrote the company in the blog post.

The team says that it worked around building a better product on the basis of the feedback it received from over 18,000 people. The talking points of the survey was that these users wanted a product that was fast, simple and allowed them to import their feeds from Google Reader.

Will come with an iOS app

iOS app is coming too

Digg says that it developed a product that imparted “a clean reading experience that gets out of the way and puts the focus squarely on the articles, posts, images, and videos themselves,” based on this feedback. It will, of course, enable smooth migration from Google Reader.


An iPhone app for Digg Reader that will sync with the web experience is also on the cards. Support for key actions like subscribing, saving, sharing and organising will be present. Within two months of the launch of Reader, Digg said its focus will shift to building an Android app, ensuring speed within the app, integration with third party services like Buffer, Evernote and IFTTT. Digg will also be ensuring that tools that offer abilities to filter and rank your lists will come to the service in future versions.

Key features like search and notifications are still missing from Digg’s plans for the near future, but the company assures that these are on its mind. “We mentioned in a prior post that Digg Reader will ultimately be a ‘freemium’ product,” explains the team “But we’re not going to bait-and-switch. All of the features introduced next week, as well as many others yet to come, will be part of the free experience.” Premium features, however, will inevitably come to Digg Reader before long.