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Online betting on cricket on one of the most popular sports betting activities, and with different variations of the sport throughout the year, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The different codes mean that the sport is played throughout the year, but the biggest events are held over the summer months. It’s important to understand the sport’s different codes before placing your bet, as the T20 and Test games are almost two completely different sports.

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The test cricket side of the game remains the most popular for diehard fans. They consider this the purest form of the game and test team’s on their mental and concentration skills and cricketing ability. These test matches would usually consist of five separate tests, which means there are numerous betting options available to punters. The option of a draw is popular within tests, as should the five-days expire, then the match would end in a draw no matter what the result may be.

The most famous test in the world is the Ashes, which is competed between England and Australia. The difference with test cricket is that it consists of 90 overs, and the terrain that the teams are playing on differs daily. The team batting on the very first day will hold the advantage as they will have fewer aspects to be concerned about. However, the side batting second will have to be aware of the scuffled areas of the green.


One of the most popular variations of the sport in recent seasons has been the T20. This is mainly because players are forced to try and score runs to win the match instead of testing matches when sides could play tactically throughout the day. Both sides will bat for 50 overs, and the winning team is simply the one that has scored the most runs. These are typically played as day-nighters, and this variation of the sport is becoming hugely popular in the Middle East and Asia.

The attacking style of this means that even those that don’t like test cricket can quickly take to it. The most illustrious competition in this form of the game is the ICC World Cup, and which was competed for earlier this year. Regardless, there are numerous T20 matches throughout the year, and punters can always make lucrative returns on these matches with 22Bet.

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