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Different Types of Bunk Beds for Kids

Any style or types of beds which are stacked on top of one another are called bunk beds. Each corner of the bed has a pole for support and one can usually access the top bunk via a ladder. There is also a rail surrounding the top bunk which prevents the sleeper from falling out.

They do make it convenient for more than one person to sleep in a room while leaving a considerable floor space and available room and therefore it might seem ideal to use bunk beds for your kids to sleep in. Even though usually bunk beds are used for kids and marketed primarily as beds ideally meant for children below the age of six, the top bunk due to the risks associated with climbing the ladder in order to get on it is not really recommended for them. Hence, it has efficient use outside of a children’s bedroom too and is often used in places where the floor space is limited and maximum use has to be made of the available space, such as

· Ships

· Army garrisons

· Hostels

· Dormitories

· Prison cells

· Halls of residence in Universities

Bunk beds are sold in different prices and you will find a range of these products varying from economy to more expensive models made from solid plastic or metal or soft wooden frames or more durable hardwood etc. The products which are of more expensive kind often come with various accessories like attached shelves or draws.

So there are many kinds of bunk beds available in the market and they include:

· Standard Bunk Beds – The most common variety of bunk beds are those with two bunks, one directly under the other and can be referred to as standard bunk beds. The mattresses are of the same size and are generally used for kids.

· Twin Over Full – Living up to its name, the twin over full bunk bed has on the bottom a full sized mattress and on the top bunk a twin sized mattress. However, its arrangement is like the standard bunk bed.

· Futon Bunk – Though arranged like the standard, it features a futon couch which is Western style and gets converted into a bed in the bottom. The futon bunk beds are ideal for small places like studio apartments or small flats where you can double the lower part as a couch during the day.

· L-shape Bunk – The bottom bunk in this kind of beds is laid out at right angle to its top in order to give it an L shape when viewed from above. Therefore, under the top bunk you will be able to find space for chair, desk or other furniture.

· Loft Bed – This kind of bed has the top bunk only, leaving space underneath for different furniture like desk, sofa, chest of draws etc. Some loft beds also have built in work station or storage draws.

· Triple Wretham Loft Bed – The kind of bed where a loft bed has a couple of standard bunk beds attached to it, making a total of three bunks in a way so that the L-shape is maintained when viewed from above.

· Triple Wretham Loft Bed plus Cougan – In case of this assortment, there are four beds in total and they are generally stacked one bed on top of another.

However, when choosing bunk beds for your kids do keep in mind their safety, the quality of the beds and its value for money.