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image Can a person truly be defined by the type of smartphone they use? It may seem shallow and even ridiculous to consider that there might be two differing types of people out there simply characterised by nothing more than a mobile phone but there are interesting differences between Android fans and those who choose to follow Apple.

There are cat people and there are dog people. There are those who love Marmite and there are those who hate it with a passion. So what makes a person lean towards the rather unfriendly classification of iSheep or Fandroid? First off let’s try and define each of these frosty phrases. An iSheep is a lover of all thing Apple, often seen as ‘sheep’ who simply follow the brand no matter what they do whilst a Fandroid typically enjoys mocking other smartphone users and pointing the finger at so called ‘followers’ of particular mobile brands.


A factor we’ve already touched upon that really irritates many an iPhone user is the amount of effort an Android lover goes through into pointing out its flaws. Instead of focusing on their own Android device they really do enjoy showing contempt for rival smartphones, particularly when it comes to Apple. There is a wide range of phones out there which you can pick up at The Smart Phone Company or other retailers giving Android users plenty of choice to have their say about.

clip_image004Disparaging comments are often directed at iPhone users who are perceived as mindless drones who have been brainwashed by the corporate greed of Apple. The truth is that many Apple admirers simply enjoy the brand as a mark of quality and feel comfortable in owning numerous devices that can interact effortlessly with each other. They want to be part of a larger group that enjoy talking about upcoming releases and commenting on all things Apple. This judgemental attitude is common in many social environments and is not of course just applicable to hardened mobile fanatics. But of course with the smartphone now playing such an important part in our everyday lives it is no surprise that users are more passionate than ever.

We live in a conscious age and advertising and big corporations are looked at as the enemy, the money grabbing evil amongst us. So anyone signing up to use products from these often misconceived businesses are often labelled as sell-outs when in all likelihood they just fancy owning one for themselves to see what all the fuss is about.

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