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Diamond Jewellery: Significance of 4C’s

Cliché it may be, yet a diamond is a girl’s best friend. While choosing engagement rings, diamonds surpass every other gemstone on the list. On top of all this, a diamond is in essence the torchbearer of each and every romantic emotion and genuine passion.

It is no wonder why buyers should have access to a few of the key facts about diamonds, more than ever before picking up a dear jewellery set. We are continually in the habit of assuming that a glittering stone makes up for a soaring quality. However, that is always not the case. This article will pirouette around the four words – each beginning with the letter ‘C’ (as is very evident from the title of the article itself) – that lay bare the appeal of a diamond. The words are as follows: carat, cut, colour and clarity. A stone fulfilling these criteria is, to say the least, inevitably worth your buy.

A token of love, diamonds are a very popular choice when it comes to gifts for one’s kith and kin. Without further ado, let us get started on the importance of the 4C’s.


Carat means the weight of a diamond stone. With carat unit comes points. Like, 1 carat stands for 100 points. In the very same way, 5 carats make 1 gram. Large diamonds are rare as compared to the small ones and hence, the price increases by leaps and bounds with increasing carat weight. Nonetheless, two different stones of the same carat may look diverse in size at times. This occurs because of the variation in cut.


When I say that cuts are deceiving, I mean to throw light on how subtle angles have power over the radiance and brilliance of every gemstone. It is regarded that a round diamond has been ideally cut. An ideal cut principally exists to dole out three purposes. It adds brilliance, fire as well as glitter to the appearance of a diamond.


The colour of gemstones should tally not only with the wearer’s taste but also his or her personality. The appeal of coloured stones can be registered even with one’s naked eyes. Nevertheless nothing beats colourless or white diamonds. If we go by the GIA standard scale category, diamonds are rated on a scale of D (colourless) to Z (light colour). You will be surprised to know that the colour difference between D and E and F is visible not to the plain eye but the trained one. In fact, gemmologists can detect them too. If you are too keen on going for D-F category diamonds, make sure to get either a platinum or white gold ring setting for the best possible effect!


Do you want your diamond to be flawless? Then checking for the clarity level of a diamond is the way to go. According to the GIA, a 11 point diamond clarity scale is a must. ‘10x magnification’ takes into account the size, colour, number, reflectivity and position of every noticeable imperfection when rating the clarity level although flawless diamonds are rarer than you think!

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