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Depositphotos Review

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. As a blogger and photography lover, I can believe this fact.

Sometimes the pictures can convey a particular message that even thousands words can’t.  We see thousands of pictures getting uploaded daily on the internet or social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest etc and more than a million likes & shares are done on Facebook on images.

Thus here we come to know why pictures are so much important. I still find many of my co-Bloggers who don’t add any kind of picture in between their blog post which surely decreases the engagement of their blog. I believe that pictures offer colors and life to your blog.

Most of people use images from search engines like Google images or any other source but do you think that these images are safe?

Definitely not, you can be even sued for copyright issues if you use these images without proper permission from the photographer or real owner and as a result you need to pay hell amount of money to get out of that.

Now you must be thinking that I am saying to definitely use images in your blog post and although I am stopping you not to use them. So what should you do?

Here I have the solution of your problem i.e Depositphoto.

What is Depositphotos ?


DepositPhotos is the best stock agency with millions of premium high-quality stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector art at affordable prices. Presently the photo stock company has more than 12 million royalty-free stock photos plus vector images. The image count is increasing rapidly with nearly thousands of new images daily. You can use these images without any hesitation or fear about copyright or licenses issues.

Depositphotos has risen up very rapidly in a very short interval and is now one of the best microstock agencies in the world. The quality of the photos you can find on Depositphotos is extremely high and thus would surely meet up all your requirements.

And if you are a photographer, then you can even sell up your images at Depositphotos.

Features of Depositphotos –


  • Fastest growing microstock company with millions of photos to choose from.
  • Affordable and cheap pricing
  • Beneficial for both photographers as well as users
  • Smart search and easy to navigate and access the galleries
  • High quality HD and Royalty Free Images, so no legal tensions or worries.
  • Affiliate program
  • Special program for Bloggers

Subscription Plans for Depositphotos

Depositphotos provides you with two types of subscription plans –

  1. PRO Subscription Plans
  2. Pay-As-You-Go Credits

The first one is for daily and long-term users in which you get a limit of downloading particular number of images for a particular period. If you need more photos, then I would suggest you to go up with long-term plans as they are cheaper as compared to short-term plans.

On the other hand the second one is for downloading photos, vector images and videos of any size at any time for up to one year. The price of an image may vary from 1 credit for XSmall image to 16 credits for XXLarge image.

Conclusion : 

In the end I will just like to end that Depositphotos is a service that bloggers & photographers must go for. The prominent reason for this is quality at really affordable prices.

What are your views about Depositphotos, do share them in comments below.

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