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What Demographic Is Most Intrigued By Media Creation?


Media creation is something that has a number of people intrigued. Media can include everything from graphics to websites and even videos. Those who create it and those who use it are two very different demographics at times, so it’s important to know a little bit about each one. Media creation is becoming more and more popular as people are looking to create something unique and grab the attention of more people all around them.

Who is Intrigued by Creating It?

There are a lot of people who have gotten into creating various kinds of media. Traditionally speaking, the demographic that is the most intrigued by media creation in terms of actually creating it is the 20-something crowd that has just graduated from college and may or may not have attended a graphic design school of some sort.

These are the same people who are going onto Fiverr and other such sites to offer their services to those around the world. Many of these people are freelance, offering their services to anyone who is willing to pay – although there are a select few who are employed either for themselves or a graphic design firm.

Those who are involved in the tech industry are commonly intrigued by media creation as well – always looking to test the waters and try something new. This is how we have seen an improvement in the various media types over the years. A .gif file used to be an amazing video file – and now it has taken a backseat to HD graphics and .mp4 files that provide a lot more detail – and feature both video and sound to provide a better overall experience.

Who is Intrigued by Using it?

There are many individuals and groups who are intrigued by media creation and want to use it. The demographics on these individuals and groups can vary quite significantly based upon what kind of media it is and why they are using it. Some of the top demographics who can’t seem to get enough of media creation include:

– Blossoming businesses

– Bloggers

– Salesman

– Teachers

Businesses know that the best way for them to attract people is to use media creation – and the highest level of it – to set them apart from the competition. Blossoming businesses can be of any demographic, but tend to be within the age groups of 20 to 40.

Bloggers are also using media creation in a unique way – traditionally with videos and slides to offer something unique to their readers.

Salesman are also using various forms of media being created to interact with clients and get more people to a landing page in order to fill out contact information. They are using all forms of media, including those types seen on websites with high graphics as well as what is seen on YouTube and other video sites.

Teachers, too, are all about media creation. There are even many pilot schools who are giving students laptops and/or tablets in order to interact with the media even more effectively. Teachers are realizing that the best way to keep the kids engaged is through media creation – and there are many different files and programs available that are age and subject specific.

More and more people are becoming intrigued by media creation every day. The Internet, and in particular social media, has done a great job of sharing what kinds of media are being created and how it can be used in each and every person’s everyday lives. Some people are more hesitant than others to embrace it simply because they don’t understand it, don’t understand how to apply it or are afraid of what the costs to implement it are.

There’s no demographic that is off-limits to media creation. It is all about exposure and knowledge. Those who are required to use it for their job or being exposed to it as a student are more likely to not only be intrigued by it but use it on a regular basis – or decide that they want to be one of the ones who are actually creating the media that others are becoming intrigued by.


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