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More Data, More Holiday

In a world which is continuously getting busier and more expensive maximising our expenditure is becoming the standard. The tourism industry is no exception and in recent years this has seen the rise of Trip Advisor and Skyscanner into dominate forces within the tourism industry.

I recently paid a trip to e-Travel conference in Romania where unsurprisingly data & digital were at the core of the event, most notably the Danish based company Momondo, who were launching their Romanian edition of the site. For those who aren’t necessarily travel buffs, is a travel aggregator which searches through thousands of offers, showing results pulled from over 800 individual sites. Originally the website was dedicated only to comparing flights, but has grown to also compare hotel prices, car rentals and also holiday home rentals anywhere around the world.

How does the site work?
Once the website has been loaded, it’s extremely intuitive. All a user needs to do is input the details of the potential flight they wish to be on and click the search button. does all the work after that. Their 700+ web-crawlers then search as many different websites as possible to be able to show the cheapest fares. All the information gathered is shown in an easy to understand way, which is also ranked and reviewed by other customers.

What makes different?
The website is made to be as easy to use as possible, utilising separate version for PC, tablet and mobile phone. This means that the site can be used absolutely anywhere with the minimum of fuss. Whereas some price comparison sites may miss out on the regional and low-cost airlines, makes an effort to get details from them too. They are also constantly looking for more routes and companies to add into their database to ensure they can provide the cheapest deal.

“First of its kind.”
With all the information that is able to get in seconds, it’s possible to use that information to find out more about the flight statistics. It’s possible to be shown the six main variables which affect the cost of the flight you want to book by pressing the “flight insight” button at the top of the screen.


These variables use the information provided by the search to explain in detail as to why a fare may seem expensive, and subtly suggest a better way to search to get a cheaper deal. Each time the site is checked, the information is unique to that search.
The six variables are: “Airline”, “Days to departure”, “Day of week”, “Seasonality”, “Airport” and “Time of Day”. Although most of the information provided here is predictable, [the closer you get to departure day, the more the flight will cost] many people may find that seeing the information in this format will help them get a better deal.